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Groovy sausage salad

Do you know what I like on my salads? EVERYTHING. Yep. I just keep on adding to it, layering it up, until it’s overflowing the plate. It’s mostly green anyway so that means I can be greedy over it, yes?

For example, I took a photo of the ingredients for my warm sausage salad. Here they are…


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Slow cooker lamb doner kebab

Everyone likes a dirty kebab once in a while, don’t they? Yes, you do. Don’t tell fibs! We’ve all done it. Apart from not knowing entirely what is in those strange ribbons of ‘meat’, it’s actually not all that unhealthy. The lamb is cooked on a spit so a lot of the fat drips away. Then there’s plenty of salad and a pitta bread. That’s not too bad is it?! As long as you don’t coat the entire thing in an inch of mayo or burger sauce (ahem … guilty!), it’s fairly nutritious compared with a lot of takeaway options. But is it possible to do it better at home?

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Slow cooker beef stew

I’ve got a slow cooker! I blogged about my need for one here. Now that I’m juggling my own business, a household, and two children at different schools with different pick-up times and no car, my time in the kitchen has rapidly declined. I know slow cookers have had a bit of a moment recently so I thought I might as well jump on the bandwagon and see if it really does make life any easier, without skimping on fresh, nourishing, family meals.

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Burns’ Night: Cullen skink (serves 4-6)

I don’t usually do a starter for our Burns’ Night feast but this year I had the urge to have a go at this traditional Scottish chowder. I saw some tins of ready made cullen skink in Aldi the week before. I actually picked up a couple and put them in my trolley. I’m a big fan of homemade soups and never really keen on tinned so I don’t know what I was thinking. Anyway, I got round to the fish aisle and saw one of those packs of cubed fish meant for a pie. Hmm. Lightbulb.
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The Happy Egg Company scrambled egg challenge (serves 1)

I’ve never cooked scrambled eggs in a pan. Ever. Not once. They cook too quickly and get stuck to the pan. Even a non-stick pan. And then you have to wash the pan, which is a massive bum ache.

The only way I’ve ever cooked scrambled eggs is in the microwave in a Pyrex jug. It’s mega quick with minimal washing up. I actually thought this was normal until I went to uni. I thought that’s how everyone cooked them. It didn’t occur to me that the microwave was a relatively modern invention. Anyway, my way is best. Try it. You’ll see.

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Goats’ cheese and spinach flan (serves 10)

I’ve never made a quiche. Or a flan. Or any sort of eggy tart type thing. It’s the blind baking bit that puts me off. Anything that needs more than one lot of cooking seems a bit too much effort to me.

But I had a whole log of goats’ cheese leftover from Christmas that was just crying out for a tart of some description so I thought I’d give it a go. I had to actually go out and buy a flan dish (loose bottomed, naturally) and baking beans!

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Impaled Olaf

That bit in Frozen when Olaf the snowman gets impaled on an icicle? Yeah. That.

I saw this idea in the Sainsbury’s Christmas magazine and thought they’d be great fun to do with the kidlings to get them into the festive mood*.

(*peel them off the ceiling and make them CALM DOWN for a second and focus on something)

If you’re (god forbid) having a Christmas party for kids, make a huge batch and let them go crazy on the sugar until they’re sick. Happy days.

A perk of this recipe is that there’s no actual baking involved and minimal washing up. Bonus!

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