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You may have noticed recently that monthly pampering boxes are becoming a bit of a thing. Particularly ‘period boxes’, usually filled with practical stuff (pads, tampons, cups, wipes, that sort of thing) as well as a few treats (choccies, candles, scented bits and bobs, stuff for neutralising the rage within!).

For those of us who actually enjoy our moontime, it’s a little bit of indulgence to mark the occasion. And for those people for who struggle with their periods, a monthly box of goodies is something to look forward to that isn’t cramps and loose bowels!

I was ever so lucky to win a basic monthly box from The Treat Trove. I paid a little extra to upgrade to a luxury box. Then I waited… The anticipation was genuinely quite thrilling! The contents are kept strictly under wraps, so they are a complete surprise until the moment you open the box. Boxes are sent out in the last week of every month, so you can either open it straight away, or save it for when Auntie Flo comes to visit.

Here are the contents of June’s box:




~ 10″ regular cloth pad from Beary Cute Bums
~ 11″ regular cloth pad from Beau Bespoke
~ Peppermint and lime foot balm from Soap Daze
~ Peppermint pumice soap scrub from Soaps for Little Suds
~ Tea from the English Tea Shop UK Ltd
~ Chocolate popcorn from The Blue Blanket Bakery
~ Handmade nail polish from Freckles Polish*
~ Travel size stain remover from Ruby’s Red Wash*

(*these items were specially for the luxury box and not included in the basic box)


The basic box is £19.95 and the luxury one is £24.95 (excluding postage). They also offer teen (£19.95) and postpartum (£29.95) boxes that can be ordered at any time during the month – a wonderfully thoughtful coming-of-age gift for daughters, or a special treat for mums-to-be.

I reckon that’s pretty good value for money. All of the items in the box are carefully sourced from small British businesses or work-at-home mums. The quality is excellent and you know that a lot of care has gone into producing them and you can feel good about yourself for giving our economy a little boost!

I really liked the pedicure theme of the extras in my box. The foot balm, in particular, was a bit of a revelation! I do a lot of walking, so I do have feet fairly similar to your average elephant. Cracked heels and rough skin on the balls of my feet. Yeah, sexy. I’ve always used The Body Shop’s body butter and an industrial floor sander to keep the smooth but this little pot of balm from Soap Daze knocks the socks off that! My feet felt SO much softer after just the first use. It’s marvellous stuff. And the list of ingredients is all recognisable stuff. The little bottle of nail polish is cute too. The colour is called ‘spearmint’; it’s white with little bits of glittery pink and blue.


See? Very summery trotters! Complete with dodgy stripey sandal tan!

I would show you a close-up of the popcorn but … umm … I ate it. Approximately 30 seconds after opening the box. And I refused to share it with the kids so they sulked and I didn’t even feel bad! Incidentally, if you have any dietary requirements or allergies, you can pop a note on the order form and they’ll find an alternative for you.

Now let’s talk about the pads. Every month, The Treat Trove works with different makers. All hush, hush. At the moment you can’t ask for specific lengths or absorbencies, so it’s a complete surprise. They are looking into ways to provide a more bespoke product but if there is a particular need you have, they will try to accommodate it. The pads I received are gorgeous.


I’m already a big fan of Beau Bespoke and I’ve reviewed for that brand, as well as Beary Cute Bums before. The 10-inch pad is a smidge too short for me but that’s ok because my eldest daughter nabbed it for her stash! The 11-inch is perfect and I can’t wait to use it – a lovely, cool cotton topped rainbow for the summer weather.

All in all, I’m really impressed by The Treat Trove. There are a few eco stockists offering period boxes now but because The Treat Trove does this exclusively, there is a thoughtfulness and an attention to detail that goes into the contents that I have yet to see elsewhere. So much so that I’ve already signed up for next month’s box!


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4 thoughts on “The Treat Trove

  1. tanzilc July 6, 2015 at 09:43 Reply

    I’ve ordered my first box the other week, very excited, I have only found one other eco box, could you please let me know what ones you know of?

    • The Pie Patch July 6, 2015 at 09:59 Reply

      I’m sure Feminine Wear does a surprise monthly box. And possibly Eco Dreams too, with a choice of cups or pads.

  2. Sharon Carter July 6, 2015 at 10:18 Reply

    Looking forward to receiving my second luxury box this month. I loved the first one which contained one of my favourite brands Dinky Dot Bots.
    From a customer point of view and from dealing with The Treat Trove on a professional basis when I (FLP) teamed up with them in May, I only have good things to say about them.
    The original WAHM period box company 🙂 x

    • The Pie Patch July 6, 2015 at 10:21 Reply

      Thanks, Sharon! I think for what you get, they are great value. And I get to try things I might not usually think of buying for myself. And of course the fluff. Can’t forget the awesome fluff! 🙂

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