Tender Loving Cloth: Microliner review

Marie at Tender Loving Cloth (TLC) sent me this pretty little microliner to test for her…


I usually photograph all of my review pads as soon as they arrive. For some reason I completely forgot to do this one! So the photos aren’t immaculate but they do show how well the little liner has withstood the laundry process.

I’ve written about microliners before. Essentially they’re a great way to cover your underwear right at the spot that you need it, without having your knickers chock-a-block full of pad when you aren’t menstruating. I’ve also found that they eliminate the dreaded pad wedgie. I won’t go into too much detail now but you can read my full explanation of microliners here.

The cool thing about this particular liner is that it’s reversible! This doesn’t mean you can get two days’ wear out of it. No. That would probably be a tad whiffy two days running. But it does mean you have two choices of top fabric, depending on your needs or how you feel on the day you use it. One side is the cute cotton owl print. Very light and cool for those days when you don’t particularly need any absorbency but want to feel fresh and dry. The other side is pale blue cotton flannel…


Ignore the peg mark from being hung up to dry. The flannel is very soft and snuggly and probably better if you are right at the very end of your period, or maybe if you’re ovulating and have more discharge than usual. It has washed quite well for flannel, which is more prone to bobbling than some other fabrics.

In between these two outer fabrics is a thin core layer of flannel for very light absorbency. Perfect if you get a bit moist in the nether regions! It’s definitely not intended for cup back-up or any real kind of menstral flow. But as an everyday liner, it’s a good product. The stitching is neat, I like the fabric placement of the owl, it feels well constructed and very thin.


Everyone is shaped differently and well all bleed differently too. I personally need good coverage at the front of all my liners and pads. With microliners I tend to pull them right up to the top of the gusset area. This won’t work with all styles and this liner didn’t seem to want to stay so far forward. It bunched up a little bit when fastened and kept slipping back down to sit more centrally. Strangely I didn’t find this annoying or uncomfortable. In fact, I didn’t even notice it had happened until I went to the loo. However, it did mean that my knickers weren’t covered where I needed them to be. So if you’re a forward bleeder or need more coverage up front for discharge, this may not be the liner for you.


Despite this, it did sit very comfortably in my gusset. As there is no fleece or PUL in this liner, I found it very cool and airy to wear. If you need more central protection, it’s perfect. It was six inches on arrival but shrunk to 5.75 inches after washing (it’s quite common to get a very small amount of shrinking). It has a width of two inches when snapped shut. So perhaps a good option for young girls or petite users too. And I love the idea of having the choice of wearing it either way up.

Overall, I think Tender Loving Cloth is a good up-and-coming maker, who I’ll be keeping my eye on in the next few months. I’m also very much looking forward to reviewing a new 12-inch day pad for her very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!



And now … how about a special offer? I know how you all love a bargain and Marie has put together something a bit different for you all today. She is offering FREE shipping on all orders over £3 placed through the Tender Loving Cloth Etsy store, using the code ‘ThePiePatch2015’.

As if that wasn’t enough, for every liner bought using this exclusive code, Marie will donate a tin of food to her local cat sanctuary, Westgate Ark. For every pad sold, she will donate a box of dry cat food. This is a cause very close to Marie, so please do help her to support it if at all possible AND grab yourself some pretty fluff at the same time. Kittens and pads – what’s not to love?!


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a discounted pantyliner in return for an honest review.

Free shipping offer valid until 21st August 2015.

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