TCS Eco review

TCS Eco is a fairly well-known brand in the UK cloth community. Kerry-Anne’s cloth pads are recognisable by their distinctive shape and signature embroidery.


I volunteered as a tester for her new 15-inch heavy pad, intended for night time or postpartum use and she sent me this beauty…


Look at the scrummy splatter-dyed top fabric and, even better, it’s cotton velour! I never see enough cotton velour for my liking. It’s such an under-rated fabric and often seems to be overlooked in favour of its bamboo counterpart. As much as I love bamboo velour (and I REALLY do love it), cotton velour is equally as good at wicking away liquid into the core. This might just be me but I also find it slightly less prone to staining and it’s just as soft next to my lady garden. Living in a hard water area, bamboo can sometimes get a bit crispy after being washed a few times, whereas cotton velour tends to retain a bit more of its squishiness. This is particularly welcome if you’re wearing it postpartum and feeling a tad … delicate* in your nether regions.

(*so raw you may never pee normally again)

I’m a BIG fan of clear absorbency markers. TCS Eco’s don’t come much clearer! The absorbency screams out at you from the central stitching!


In this instance, mine says ‘Tester’ but ordinarily you’d see ‘Heavy’, ‘Regular’, etc right along the middle of the pad. This is a real bonus for me. Most makers use coloured snaps, which is all well and good if you only stick with that one maker. But if you have a larger stash of pads from different makers it becomes increasingly tricky trying to remember them all!

I did notice a couple of tiny threads on this pad that were sticking up, where the embroidery machine hadn’t quite caught them. This is a minor aesthetic issue and didn’t affect functionality at all. In fact, I don’t think they’re even visible in my photo and I certainly couldn’t feel them while wearing it. The stitching itself can help with absorbency. Allowing faster access to the core material, which in this pad is two layers of super thirsty zorb. The backing fabric is water resistant fleece.


The new 15-inch length gave me great coverage for overnight use. I felt very secure with it on. I did notice some wing droop with it fastened. An extra snap would easily have eliminated this and I believe Kerry-Anne offers this as an optional extra.


Despite this, the pad stayed put all night. I wore it for a whopping 11 hours (What? It was the weekend and I like my sleep. Don’t judge me!)! It held firm in my knickers, with no sideways twisting or slippage. I tend to sleep on my front so, by the time I went to change the pad the next morning, the front of the pad was completely full. Saturated right up to the edge! But it hadn’t leaked. There was also a small amount of blood that had travelled the full length to the back of the pad. A lot of night pads are nearer the 14-inch mark so I was especially grateful for the extra inch of the TCS Eco pad. An inch shorter and I would’ve leaked off the back. Every inch counts!

Finally, the pad washed very well. As I mentioned earlier, I rarely have problems with staining on cotton velour and this was again the case here. The fleece came out well too, with no bagging or sagging or bobbling.

Overall this proved to be a really comfy, super absorbent, hard working pad. The quality of the materials and the skill of the seamstress speak for themselves. TCS Eco is part of a consortium of established makers (along with another Pie Patch favourite, Earthshine Luxe), who share a Facebook page for general chat and trade. Pop along and say hello at The Pad Collective B/S/T.

Meanwhile, Kerry-Anne has very kindly offered a discount code, excluively for readers of The Pie Patch! You will receive 15% off your order at by using “the pie patch” at the checkout. This offer is only valid on the first 25 orders so be quick!


I was not paid for this post. I was given a discounted tester pad in exchange for my honest feedback.

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