Lucy’s List – June (week 2)

What a week! I’m utterly exhausted. My youngest has been poorly so there has been a lot of interrupted sleep, extra laundry, and last minute trips to the doctor, with blood tests and such. At first we thought it was just a 24-hour tummy bug but it’s clearly not that at all. I’m not so much physically tired (although I certainly am) but completely drained from all the worry. They still haven’t really got to the bottom of it but they seem hopeful that it should pass on its own without any intervention. Meanwhile, I could do with a fortnight’s holiday on my own, somewhere sunny!


MONDAY: chicken and spicy pepperoni tray bake (chicken drumsticks, new potatoes, onions, peppers, pepperoni, two tins of chopped tomatoes, black pepper, all chucked into a roasting pan for 45 minutes and jiggled occasionally)


TUESDAY: garlic and ginger beef fried rice


WEDNESDAY: breaded chicken, oven chips, spaghetti hoops

THURSDAY: scrambled egg on toast

FRIDAY: takeaway

SATURDAY: fish pie


SUNDAY: slow cooked BBQ pulled chicken (the sauce was made using my recipe for belly pork), jacket spuds, and cauliflower cheese


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One thought on “Lucy’s List – June (week 2)

  1. […] Recently I adapted a recipe inspired from Lucy at The Pie Patch. It’s a chicken and potato tray bake. Lucy used pepperoni too but we didn’t have any. Her original post is HERE […]

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