Groovy sausage salad

Do you know what I like on my salads? EVERYTHING. Yep. I just keep on adding to it, layering it up, until it’s overflowing the plate. It’s mostly green anyway so that means I can be greedy over it, yes?

For example, I took a photo of the ingredients for my warm sausage salad. Here they are…


Pack of sausages
Baby plum tomatoes
Coleslaw (if you want to make your own, my recipe is here)
The Groovy Food Company balsamic glaze

Looks pretty good, eh. Standard salad stuff. Excellent. Except…

after I took the photo and started preparing the veggies, I remembered that I had a new jar of pickled beetroot in the cupboard. I LOVE pickles on a salad! Yum.


I put the sausages in the oven to cook. I’ve never fried a sausage in my life. I’m slightly suspicious of people who do. I don’t like the thought of sausages wallowing in their own grease. Blurgh. Gotta be on a grill pan but in the oven. Every time.

But then I started thinking, “I could really do with some fried onions”. Sausage and onion. Classic combo.

While fetching the onion I found some red peppers in the fridge. Those fancy long ones that come in a paper bag instead of plastic, purely to show the world just how fancy they are. Except these were in the reduced bit of the supermarket because really, who’s going to pay £1.50 for two red peppers?! So while I’m frying the onion, I might as well use up one of the peppers too, right?

I then went hunting through the cupboard for some sweetcorn but, alas! There was none to be found. You get the picture. When it comes to salad and me, more is more!

And then there’s the dressing. This is important. This could make or break the whole deal. I’m a big fan of making my own – bit of olive oil, with balsamic vinegar, lemon juice and black pepper. Nice and sharp to make it zing. Or good old-fashioned salad cream. Bit fogey these days, I know. But I love it. But this time I’ve got something new from The Groovy Food Company to try:


Agave nectar! Ooooh! Very posh! This ticks a lot of boxes for me – balsamic, garlic, something sweet. Tick, tick, tick. And even better? There is nothing scary in the list of ingredients.


No weird names or dodgy stuff. All recognisable names of actual food. Happy days. And as it says on the packaging, this isn’t just a salad dressing. You can use as a marinade, a glaze, or a dipping sauce too. Very handy for the summer barbecue season!

I snipped up the cooked sausages with scissors, flung the peppers and onions on top, and gave it all a good squirty drizzle of dressing. It finished off the salad just perfectly.


The agave makes it quite a sweet dressing but the pickled beetroot balanced it out well.


Yes. I know. It’s huge. I did say that more is more! And it’s mostly leaves really. And, yes. I totally scoffed the lot.


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a free sample bottle of The Groovy Food Company’s marinade in return for a review of the product.

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3 thoughts on “Groovy sausage salad

  1. The Uncheshire wife June 11, 2015 at 19:54 Reply

    I would try this, looks tasty. Like you I love a big mixture on a salad.

    • The Pie Patch June 11, 2015 at 20:05 Reply

      Thank you! It was a bit of a “make it up as I go & chuck everything on it” meal. My spontaneous cooking always seems to turn out the best! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Sophie33 June 18, 2015 at 10:33 Reply

    A wonderful well-flavoured colorful salad,…just the way, I like it! 🙂 A BIG YUM!

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