Glitzy Rumps

I was contacted out of the blue by a lovely lady called Kia, who happens make cloth pads under the name of Glitzy Rumps. She’s a relatively new maker but clearly a talented seamstress.

There are two styles of pads available at Glitzy Rumps – Sleek and Contour. Kia sent me a pad from each range, along with a cute little bundle of sweets and wax burner melts:


Here you can see an 11-inch Sleek, which is more streamlined, and a 13-inch Contour which is, as you’d expect, curvier and more hourglass in shape.

My first thought on seeing the pads? The stitching is immaculate. Very neat. They feel like good quality products. My second thought? LOOK AT THE TINY WINGS!!! They’re teeny weeny. It’s like the T-rex of the cloth pad world! Big, strong body. Runty arms. I was immediately sceptical. I do find sometimes that pads with puny wings are more prone to twisting sideways in my pants. Particularly longer, heavier pads. Flimsy wings just can’t support the weight of a bigger pad. They try to escape from one side of my knicks so I end up with nothing covering my bum and half a pad flapping about down one trouser leg. So I was keen to put these to the test. Would Glitzy Rumps wings be strong enough to hold the pad in place?


The pads themselves are quite thick, cotton topped and backed with polar fleece. The shorter Sleek pad has a core of zorb and two layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece. The Contour is a slightly heavier absorbency. It has the same core as the Sleek but with an extra super thirsty central section of zorb sandwiched in between bamboo fleece. I did find that the core materials make for a fairly stiff pad but they are both incredibly absorbent.

The 11-inch Sleek was a good length for daytime. Despite the stiffness, it was surprisingly comfy once it was on. I wasn’t super aware of it, which is always a good sign. It stayed put in knickers; no shifting or slipping. And no leaks. Happy days!

Now. The 13-inch Contour. I must admit I accidentally wore it for waaaaaay too long. I was exhausted and had an early night. I may have gone to bed at 7.30pm. On a Friday night. I know, I know. You’re all instantly jealous of my high octane rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Crazy times. But then something almost entirely unheard of occurred. I had a lie-in! I didn’t get out of bed until 8am (I have two kids so that definitely counts as a lie-in!). So I actually wore the pad for a marathon 12 hours!


The flared shape gave good coverage but I leaked off the back a tiny bit. I think this was more down to the ridiculous amount of time I was wearing it for, rather than any problem with the length or design of the pad itself. The front of the pad was full, so that when I woke up and turned over in bed, my morning gush had nowhere else to go. Of course under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have worn it for this long so I can’t blame the pad for the leak. That’ll teach me for trying to have a lie-in!

Let’s go back to the wings. Compared with the bulk of the pad itself, the wings really are very trim indeed, comprised of just the cotton top fabric and a jersey backing.


However, they are also surprisingly strong! My T-rex worries were unfounded. And it’s all down to the clever construction. Rather than continuing straight out from the side edges of the pad, they are folded under and caught beneath the top stitching on the underside of the pad. This effectively pinches them inwards so that they lie flat against your gusset. They are so thin that there is no extra bulk or wing droop between your legs. The stitching nips the wings in and keeps them snug against your knickers. I couldn’t quite believe that these tiny undersized wings could hold such a hefty pad sturdily in place. But they did! No slippage. No twisting.

The larger pad washed very well and did loosen up a bit after a good blow on the washing line. It’s now a little floppier and not as stiff as before. The smaller Sleek pad did come out of the wash a bit lumpy. I tried to reshape it and straighten it out while it was wet but it feels as though some of the core layers have rumpled up a bit inside, which is a shame. I’m guessing it must be a one-off because the Contour pad didn’t have this issue. I was very pleased with how the fleece washed. No bagging or bobbling. And no stains on the cotton either, even on the white sections.

Overall, I’d say Glitzy Rumps offers good, solid menstrual pads. They are generally well constructed, with perfect stitching and very absorbent cores. But it’s they clever little wings that really stand out to me. If you’d like more information, pop over to Glitzy Rumps on Facebook and give Kia’s page a like.


I was not paid for this post. I was sent two free pads in exchange for an honest review.

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2 thoughts on “Glitzy Rumps

  1. farmerswifeandmummy June 13, 2015 at 22:59 Reply

    Omg I didn’t know reusable pads even existed. It’s like the cloth nappy of the adult world 🙂

    • The Pie Patch June 14, 2015 at 06:54 Reply

      Haha! It is! Welcome to the world of lady fluff! Ever so comfy, no toxic nasties, better for the environment, & tailored to your needs. Lots of info on my page for beginners & reviews too. If you fancy giving them a try, I’m happy to help answer questions/offer guidance.

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