Lucy’s List – June (week 1)

Ugh. Back on the school run. I’m already knackered and counting down to the summer holidays. On the plus side, it’s our beautiful biggest girl’s ninth birthday this weekend. Can’t quite believe I’m old enough to have a nine year-old but apparently it’s official. I am OLD. Scientifically proven after finding my first grey hairs last week!


Aaaaaaaaargh! LOOK! See?! I’m actually not that fussed about ageing. I’ve always felt older than my years anyway and I really can’t deal with the faff of hair dye. But it’s still a bit of a shocker when it walks up and slaps you with a kipper when you aren’t expecting it!

But look at the awesome kid who gave me those grey hairs!


Isn’t she gorgeous? I made her myself! Nine months of hyperemesis and SPD, followed by nine years of worry, and it is so worth it. She drives me barmy but she’s so cool and utterly gorgeous and she doesn’t even know it. Happy birthday, Lily!



MONDAY: tuna pasta bake


TUESDAY: slow cooker mixed bean chilli, with jacket spuds


WEDNESDAY: Aldi nut cutlets, oven chips, and peas

THURSDAY: slow cooker turkey doner kebab (I followed the same recipe as my lamb doner kebab but with turkey mince)

FRIDAY: takeaway

SATURDAY: salmon fillets with veggie couscous

SUNDAY: slow cooker beef and borlotti bean stew

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