A new design from Moon and Stars Pads

I’ve worked with Moon and Stars Pads before, reviewing their bed mats and pads. You can read that here. So I was delighted when Kate requested testers and a review of her newest design prior to launch. I’ve never seen a pad quite like this before. And here it is:


At first glance it looks a bit scary. It’s got … lumpy bits! It looks like a sofa! What’s it all for?! How can you possibly wear that and be comfortable?! Fear not, dear readers, all shall become clear.

I’ve discussed heavy, gushy flows before. They can be particularly tricky to deal with, regardless of whether you wear cloth pads or disposables. Sometimes a gush can happen so quickly that the absorbent core of the pad simply doesn’t have time to suck up the blood. You can end up with a bloody-thighed bathroom disaster. Or bedsheets straight out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

With cloth pads, there are various solutions to this. Fast-wicking top fabrics can help (bamboo velour, cotton velour, and plush minky among others are good for this). Interlabial pads are really effective at slowing down a heavy flow too. A little stitching or embroidery on the top layer of a pad can help to a certain extent because it gives the blood faster access to the core. And then there is this…


Kate has actually gone one step further than embroidering a pad. She’s created a quilted effect. I have no idea how she’s done it but it looks really pretty. Mine is done in a heart shape onto red bamboo velour but she also offers a longer rectangular shaped area of ruching.

So how does it work? The quilting creates tiny triangular pockets. A sudden gush will be captured in these little wells. The blood is effectively trapped, prevented from running straight off the surface of the pad, until they are gradually absorbed into the core. In this case the core is made of two layers of French bamboo terry and one layer of zorb. This makes it a fairly thick night or postpartum absorbency pad that is 14 inches in length.

The pad is backed with cotton and a hidden layer if waterproof PUL, for added security from leaks. The velcro fastening allows some flexibility in width because you can adjust it precisely to fit the gusset of your knickers.


There is a fairly generous flare at the rear of the pad that gives good coverage for anyone prone to backwards bleeding that can occur if you sleep on your back.

So how does it feel? Is it like sitting on a grill pan? Surprisingly not! It’s actually really very comfortable. Very soft and cushioned. No knobbly bits of stitching or bumpy ridges of fabric. I genuinely couldn’t feel the quilted section at all when I was wearing it.

I wore it at the heaviest point of my period and it coped really well. I needed the full length of the pad but didn’t leak off the ends or sides. It is a thick pad and it did show through my trousers but if you’re wearing it as a night pad, this doesn’t really matter.

The front end of the pad was saturated. I’m usually a front bleeder so, with hindsight, I probably should’ve asked for the rectangular pattern of quilting because it covers a larger area and reaches further towards the front of the pad. That said, I didn’t flood that end or leak off the front at all.

Washing. I followed my usual laundry routine for my pads. After a machine rinse, I apply a stain stick before doing a full machine wash. I did find it a teeny bit awkward rubbing the stain stick over the ruched area. I was worried about scrubbing too vigorously because I didn’t want to damage the stitching. So I went a bit more carefully than I normally would. Nevertheless, it cleaned beautifully. No loose threads or stitching and no stains.

Overall, a really interesting pad. I don’t think there are any other makers out there, in the UK at least, who offer anything quite like this. For anyone who frequently loses their interlabial pads down the loo, this could offer a more covenient option for dealing with heavy gushes. And deal with them it does. Very well, in fact!


Contact Kate at Moon and Stars Pads for more information or to place an order. She also now offers a bespoke order service, so you can choose a serged pad from a range of lengths, widths, absorbencies, fabrics, and fastening options for a pad that is tailored entirely to your needs.


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a discounted tester pad in exchange for an honest review.

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4 thoughts on “A new design from Moon and Stars Pads

  1. Esthie GarGar June 1, 2015 at 09:20 Reply

    The pad has defineteley an unique design, I don’t think I will buy them as I have enough pads on my stash for the next 10 years but the idea of a quilted area to cope with gushes is genius.
    Thank you for reviewing this pad for us and for all the work you do to keep us informed.

    • The Pie Patch June 1, 2015 at 09:23 Reply

      It’s great to see makers thinking up new ways to help us, isn’t it! Thanks so much for your kind words. If it wasn’t for my lovely readers, I’d have probably given up long ago! ❤

  2. Hedge Hug June 1, 2015 at 10:45 Reply

    What a fab idea!
    I am one of those who gushes/floods. I mean, my bleeding can stop for half the day and my uterus seems to “store it all up” then release in one go with massively bad cramping. Grrrr. I’ve not found a pad (cloth or disposable) that can cope with it. I make my own pads (due to both cost and trying to match size/shape etc) and as you say I have found that using interlabial pads is crucial for dealing with flooding or at night time along with fleece top fabrics. (And using menstrual cups as well as a pad during the day.)

    I’m currently playing around with making some pads with a raised ridge kind of like having an interlabial pad sew on top of, or as part of, the main pad – I need that raised contact to stop things bleeding primarily onto the sides of the pad. (Am I a weird shape or something??? I have always bled onto the sides and edges of pads (unless using an IL pad too)

    But this pad looks great with the “pockets” from the quilting. It makes sense!
    It’s good to see this diversity and branching out in pads to suit the needs of different women.

    • The Pie Patch June 1, 2015 at 10:51 Reply

      I think that’s the beauty of cloth pads. There really are SO many possibilities & makers are coming up with new developments all the time. There is something out there to suit everyone’s individual needs.

      Oh, & no. You aren’t weird at all. I have heard of side bleeders before. It could be that the gush is happening so quicky that it runs off to the sides before being absorbed. Or perhaps occasionally down to your gusset not being a snug against your body as it could be. Or it could just be the way you bleed. It is possible to have some absorbency stretching out into the wings, although it will add a little thickness to the pad.

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