Lucy’s List – May (week 4)

Busy busy busy this week, so I haven’t been around much. It’s the half term holidays so I have both children and the husband at home. It’s messy and noisy and our normal routine completely goes to pot but I love it. I’ve been working on my crochet orders and the husband always has a ton of work he has to bring home with him. But we’ve had brilliant weather so we made time for the girls and had a few days out.


I love not having three school runs a day. I love having everyone at home, even when they’re bored and bickering. I love having the husband at home to share the parenting (someone else to wipe the three year-old’s bum for a change!). I love spending whole days in our PJs, eating junk, watching TV, and not doing very much else. And now it’s coming to an end and I’ll soon be back to the humdrum of our normal routine. The last term of the school year is always a killer but at least I can start counting down to the big summer holidays at the end of July!


MONDAY: pea and ham soup (made from Sunday’s leftovers)


TUESDAY: breaded chicken breast, oven chips, cauliflower and sweetcorn

WEDNESDAY: slow cooker chickpea, spinach and green bean curry, with mango chutney and chapatis


THURSDAY: slow cooker Chinese chicken and veg rice

FRIDAY: pizza and garlic bread

SATURDAY: takeaway

SUNDAY: sticky BBQ belly pork, sweet potato mash, and sweetcorn


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