Lucy’s List – May (week 3)

It’s payday here! I’m determined to rein in my unnecessary spending this month. I got a bit carried away last month with buying cloth pads (pad I really don’t need!) and it made the last couple of weeks until payday a real stretch.

I have stuck to my ‘no new yarn unless it’s for a specific order’ rule, so I guess that’s a start. And I’ve been better lately at not falling back on a takeaway when I’m feeling tired or uninspired in the kitchen.

We’ve got a few things coming up this month that cost extra: Lily’s birthday, Father’s Day, a karate grading, and Iris needs to have her feet measured, which could mean new shoes. All normal stuff but it all eats into any spare money we might have.

My new year’s resolution was to save up some money for the summer holidays, so we can have a few days out. I’m doing ok. I have a little bit set aside. But of course every time I manage to get a nice chunk saved up, something crops up. This month it was an unexpectedly huge gas bill (thanks to our provider totally cocking up our monthly direct debit over the winter months, then simultaneously putting it up with a week’s notice AND demanding a lump payment towards the massive debit that had accrued – thanks for that, First Utility!). Our kitchen tap and our TV recorder box are both on their way out so I expect they will be the next expenses. I know this is just part and parcel of normal life but it does sometimes feel like everything is conspiring against us!

Anyway, enough of my whining. We’re better off than a lot of people so I really have nothing to gripe about. We may never save up enough for a car or our dream trip to EuroDisney but if nothing else, at least we will eat well!


MONDAY: slow cooker lamb doner kebab


TUESDAY: pasta bolognese

WEDNESDAY: battered basa fillets, sweet potato mash and broccoli

THURSDAY: takeaway

FRIDAY: slow cooker savoury lamb mince with roasted squash


SATURDAY: cheese and tomato quiche, coleslaw and salad


SUNDAY: mustard glazed gammon joint, roast spuds, cabbage, apple sauce, gravy


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One thought on “Lucy’s List – May (week 3)

  1. Tina May 22, 2015 at 14:25 Reply

    The slow cooker is a wonderful kitchen appliance, I use one quite a bit. You have whipped up some delectable dishes once again. Inspiring!

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