Lucy’s List – May (week 2)

Hmm. Too many takeaways are creeping in. It’s not good. I always factor one in every week because it’s our treat and gives me a night off from cooking. But I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I’ve been a bit run down and tired lately and one takeaway has turned into two. It’s an awful waste of money and isn’t going to help me get my mojo back.

To be fair, the extra one this week I can totally blame on The Husband. I had everything out ready to cook fajitas on Friday night. My eldest daughter calls them ‘roly wraps’ and they’re her absolute favourite food. But The Husband wanted a Chinese instead and I gave in, which totally jiggered my meal plan for the rest of the week. He wanted me to bring home fish and chips on Saturday night too but I point blank refused. He’s such a bad influence!


MONDAY: turkey meatballs with pasta


TUESDAY: sausage and onion sandwiches



THURSDAY: slow cooker chicken and vegetable curry with naan bread

FRIDAY: takeaway

SATURDAY: chicken fajitas


SUNDAY: leftover fajitas

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