Moon and Stars review

I ordered a lovely bundle of bits from Moon and Stars after giving the maker some feedback on the reusable bed mats she was developing. My parcel was beautifully wrapped and everything was labelled with care instructions.




Our youngest, Iris, has been dry in the daytime for over year, potty training shortly after her second birthday. But at nearly three and a half, she’s still a big night wetter and usually wears Naty eco disposable pull-ups. We decided to have a go at being dry at night over the Easter holidays. Her stock of pull-ups was due to run out and it’s a good time of year to get bed linen dry quickly on the line. We decided to give it a week, just to see if she was ready.


The Moon and Stars bed pads are gorgeous! A waterproof PUL base layer backed with dark purple velour. The printed logo is a nice touch. Then there are three interchangeable absorbent top sheets. Iris loved the super soft starry plush top layer and the different colours of the terry bottom layer. Together they make a really squishy absorbent pad. And with three of them, there’s no laundry pressure – one for on the bed, one in the wash, and one spare. I think for many parents (well, me at least), half of the stress of night dryness is the thought of all the extra laundry. With this mat, you just remove the wet top layer to wash and give the bottom layer a good wipe over. Hopefully without having to strip the whole bed! It’s a generous size; large enough to cover a good area of a cot bed sized mattress.

There were plenty of poppers, so no chance of the two parts separating in the night. We do have a very wriggly child, which caused problems on a couple of nights with the mat getting scrunched up or pushed over to one side of her bed. We have a waterproof mattress protector sheet under her normal bed sheet as a back-up so it wasn’t the end of the world. But for the most part, the bed mat took the full hit of wee and WOW! It really is very absorbent and washed well.

After a week, Iris wasn’t showing any signs of being any less wet at night. She didn’t even wake up when she peed. And waking up in a damp bed didn’t seem to bother her in the slightest. So we decided she isn’t ready yet and abandoned it for now. But it’s good to know we have the mat ready for when we try again.

I’d probably say that the full set with three top sheets is an investment buy. But it is SO useful. You could buy it in pregnancy to use as a maternity bed/car mat (if you’re worried about your waters going!); then use it for no-mess nappy-free time when your baby is young; then bring it out again for potty training to use in the buggy or bed. You’d easily get your money’s worth out of it over several years.



I ordered a 14-inch night pad. Moon and Stars pads are a bit different to my usual brands. For a start, they don’t have any poppers. They have a velcro fastening. I’ll write a bit more about this shortly.

Secondly, they are constructed a bit differently. There is no fleece backing, which is my usual preference. They’re a little bit like Aussie brand Environmenstrual because they have a cotton backing that extends into the wings, with a hidden layer of waterproof PUL. This meant I could choose both fabrics for my pad! I opted for a pretty pale floral cotton backing (knowing that it wouldn’t be bled on, so I didn’t have to worry about stains!)…


… and a purple bamboo velour for my top fabric, which made a really stunning pad:


I wore it for eight hours overnight. Admittedly it wasn’t the heaviest night of my period but nevertheless it’s a thick pad and coped easily. I was pleased with the length, particularly the rear flare, which prevented a potential leak.

I found the velcro a bit noisy. I’d probably feel a bit self conscious changing it in a quiet echoing public loo. BUT it gave a much better fit than poppers. It was so easy to adjust it precisely to fit the gusset of whichever knickers you’re wearing. It also meant the wings laid much flatter. No knobbly bits!

The pad itself was a bit stiff and quite bulky, with one core layer of zorb and two of bamboo terry. I always find that PUL adds a lot of weight to a pad. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, particularly in a night pad, as long as you have good quality knickers that can hold it in place against your body. And of course a lighter flow pad would be thinner, with fewer core layers. I thought the weight of the rear flare might cause it to shift sideways but the velcro was very secure and it didn’t budge an inch all night.


Overall, I would prefer the pad if it were a little more flexible but I like the length, shape, and quality. Most of all, I am massively impressed with the velcro fastening.




These came as a little extra surprise in my package! I love that no fabric has been wasted and the offcuts have been put to such good use. I’ve been using washable make-up wipes for a long time and these are easily my favourite. The terry towelling gives a slightly scrubby surface, while the plush minky side is super smooth. All orders over £30 will include a free set of five wipes!


For more information about Moon and Stars products, including price lists, pop over to Facebook and take a look at the Moon and Stars page.

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2 thoughts on “Moon and Stars review

  1. Summerdays42 April 20, 2015 at 13:18 Reply

    I’m about to start potty training my daughter soon so will be having a look at the bed mats for future use. X

    • The Pie Patch April 20, 2015 at 13:20 Reply

      Oh, good luck! Once they’re truly ready for it, I don’t think it’s as bad as we imagine it to be!

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