Muff Chat Monday: WIWTM (March 2015)

I had a bit of an affair with bamboo velour this month. In particular, my beloved Homestead Emporium pads. They are just so thin but without compromising on absorbency. I know I can wear them on my heaviest days with absolutely peace of mind. They fit perfectly and never leak.

I was a bit dubious about my tiger-striped Ultimax Slim. It’s backed with PUL, rather than my usual fleece. This can make a pad a bit more prone to sliding about because it’s less grippy than fleece. Thankfully the 15-inch length offered enough coverage that it didn’t actually matter if it did move a little bit.

I also wore my new Lady Days pad for the second time. I reviewed it last month and you can read that here. In fact, this was the very first pad I reached for when my period arrived this month. I can’t wait to order some more from Helen. She’s currently getting to grips with her new machine and perfecting this new design, so hopefully you’ll all be able to get your hands on these very soon. My pad has been worn and washed a couple of times now. I’ve had no problems with staining or warping. The fleece is wearing well with no bagging or bobbling. All signs of a great quality pad made by a skilled seamstress.

A little word about suedecloth. You can see my little DinkyDotBots suedecloth pad down there. Suedecloth is awesome. It never stains. Like, NEVER. It’s witchcraft, I tell you!

Anyway, enough jibber jabber. Here is this month’s fluff:



TOP ROW (left to right):

Homestead Emporium (HER) safari-dyed bamboo velour PUL-backed Ultimax Slim
2 x HER bamboo fleece Ultimax Slim
3 x HER bamboo velour Ultimini
Domino Pads bamboo velour 13″ liner


Lady Days bamboo velour serged 11.5″ heavy
KT Boo Baby bamboo velour 11″ heavy night
Tenderoni Collection cotton 11.5″ regular
Mama Kloth cotton 12″ regular
DinkyDotBots suedecloth 11″ heavy
Pretty Eco Intimates cotton flannel 13″ night
Beau Bespoke bamboo velour 14″ night

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