Lucy’s List – March (week 4)

The solar eclipse was immensely underwhelming here in Kent. The cloud cover was so thick we couldn’t even see the sun. It did go very dark and gloomy for a while and the birds were quiet. There was a definite atmosphere. But not a lot of excitement for the kids.


I’ve had a bit of a blogging lull lately. Lost my writing mojo for a while because I’ve been so busy getting The Pie Patch Shop off the ground. Then, as I mentioned last week, our poor, old cat passed away so I’ve been sorting out his insurance; settling the final vets bill; and looking after my eldest daughter, who took it all very hard.

To cheer us up, we had some lovely balloons from my sister (in a huge box that’s provided endless entertainment for my youngest!) and a beautiful flowering plant from my aunt. Being surrounded by bright colours always helps to lift my spirits. And we ended the week with a special ceremony for Lily. She accrued enough hours of extra-curricular activities to graduate from the Kent Children’s University with a silver award. It was a bit surreal but a great confidence boost for her.


But now I’m back on form and have some great new blog posts for you. I’ve already published some crochet stuff, and lots of muff fluff too. I just need some new inspiration for recipes because I haven’t had much time to spend in the kitchen lately. My slow cooker is proving a godsend but doesn’t seem to lend itself to inspiring recipes. I’ll see what I can come up with to rectify that!

Meanwhile, we’ve been eating some food too!


MONDAY: lasagne


TUESDAY: breaded chicken, mash and baked beans

WEDNESDAY: chicken and green bean korma, naan bread and brown basmati

THURSDAY: sausage roll and a bag of crisps on the way to Lily’s graduation!

FRIDAY: tomato soup with cheesy bread rolls

SATURDAY: takeaway pizza

SUNDAY: pork, sage and apple burgers in brioche buns, with crisps and salad


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