A new weapon in the fight against pad wedgie!

Pad wedgie. We’ve all been there. Trying to surreptitiously jam our hands down the back of our jeans because our bum is trying to eat our pantyliner. Not a good look. I discussed some possible solutions to this in my troubleshooting guide to pad problems.

I have more recently had an epiphany! And it comes in a teeny tiny parcel! Most ready made pantyliners come in fairly standard lengths, usually somewhere between seven and nine inches. For me, these always cause pad wedgie. Always. Regardless of maker or shape or fabric. They end up creeping up where the sun don’t shine. Unacceptable.

I’ve always handled this by ordering custom made liners in a much longer length, usually 11 or 12 inches. I also have some whopping 13-inch Domino Pads liners. They all work. They all fit well. They do not give me a pad wedgie.

BUT … sometimes it would be nice not to have to order a custom design. Sometimes I don’t want my knickers to be chock full of pad. Pantyliners should, by definition, be very slim and unnoticeable. Just a thin layer to line the gusset of your knickers for those days around ovulation when you might have some increased discharge. Or perhaps the last day or so of your period when your flow is so light it’s barely there. Or maybe you use a menstrual cup and just want a little something extra as back-up.

Then I saw that Homestead Emporium was introducing a new product. Behold!


It’s a teeny tiny mini liner! Look! It’s ever so cute and shaped like a very small UFO. I ordered a couple with a bamboo fleece top layer to try. It’s only 5.75 inches and is called a HalfWrap Liner.

It felt a bit risky. In my head, I’m a big lady. I need big pads. Surely this wouldn’t cover enough of me to be worthwhile? I was wrong! It covered me exactly where I needed to be covered, towards the front of my knickers. And then it stopped. There was nothing there that could get wedged anywhere it shouldn’t. IT’S A REVELATION! I’ve already ordered some more!

Funnily enough, the same week I noticed a UK maker was asking for testers for a very similar product. My HER ones hadn’t arrived at this point so I went for it, messaging the lovely Hannah at The Wood Elves to volunteer.


This one is a microscopic four inches. Cotton topped, uber tiny, and ever so cute. Technically this one is seconds quality because some of the stitching isn’t perfect and ever so slightly off-centre but as a tester, it’s absolutely fine and doesn’t affect its functionality at all. It’s a little thicker than the HER HalfWraps but it was still very comfortable. I wasn’t aware of it being there while wearing it.

I think it could perhaps do with an extra snap because I did find it moved backwards along the gusset of my knickers. Most makers will happily add an extra snap on request, if they don’t come as standard. Or perhaps this one is just a smidge too short for my tremendous gusset?!

My daughter was very taken by this one. She thought the size was adorable and she liked the bright stripy print. It also has a starry fleece backing that she thought was cool, so I think this mini liner will probably end up in her stash. She’s very slim so it may well be more suitable for her requirements.

In both brands it’s fair to say I couldn’t wear these if I was actually on my period because they wouldn’t offer me any real protection against proper menstrual flow. But they aren’t intended for that purpose anyway, so as a daily liner I am converted. No more mega long liners! Shorties all the way from now on. Hurrah!

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2 thoughts on “A new weapon in the fight against pad wedgie!

  1. sue reed March 30, 2015 at 16:32 Reply

    I *need* the HER ones, having a cloth wedgie is no fun x

    • The Pie Patch March 30, 2015 at 16:35 Reply

      It really isn’t. Slightly better than a disposable wedgie but still… GO ORDER SOME! 😉

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