Lucy’s List – March (week 1)

We’ve had a lot of hearty comfort food this week. I’m so over this cold weather now but still waiting for spring to put in an appearance.

In the meantime, the slow cooker has been grafting to make some tasty meals. I still haven’t quite perfected the flavour. I’m tweaking the amount of liquid I add so the finished meal isn’t too thin, and I’m using the same ingredients I’d use when cooking on the hob or in the oven, but I haven’t quite managed to get the richness or depth of flavour yet.

That said, it is still producing some decent hot grub at the end of a busy day and has saved me a lot of faffing about. Just so long as I remember to get the meat out of the freezer the night before!


MONDAY: lamb chop with mint sauce, garlic and rosemary potatoes, broccoli


TUESDAY: chicken and chorizo tray bake


WEDNESDAY: takeaway pizza

THURSDAY: baked haddock, garlic bread and salad

FRIDAY: beefburgers in brioche buns, with pickles and breaded mushrooms

SATURDAY: slow cooker savoury mince, Yorkshire puddings and broccoli

SUNDAY: slow cooker sausage stew


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