Muff Chat Monday: WIWTM (Feb 2015)

This month was my first period since going dairy free. You can read a bit more about that here. I have no idea if this is related but my flow was much heavier than usual, six days instead of the usual four, and I felt really sluggish and crampy for the duration. I’ve heard anecdotally that the hormones fed to dairy cows to maintain their milk supply can be passed onto us in our dairy products. I must do some research into this to see if there’s any truth to it. Because if that’s the case, it might make sense that cutting out dairy would affect my hormone levels.

Regardless, it’s the first time in a long while that I haven’t really enjoyed my monthly cycle but I did take extra care of myself and allowed myself some time to rest with my LadyBits heat pack and I spent one of the worst days in my pyjamas! One thing that made it more bearable was all of the lovely new fluff I had to wear, including my favourite brands – Lady Days and Homestead Emporium. And here they all are:


TOP ROW (left to right):
2 x 13″ Domino Pads liners
12″ Party in my Pants night (see below for a mini review)
12″ Huggally Wuggally liner
12″ TCS Eco night
13″ Pretty Eco Intimates night

2 x 11.5″ Mama Kloth nights
3 x 12″ Homestead Emporium Ultiminis
12″ Earthshine Luxe regular

11″ Dimplemuff liner
11″ Made by Gituce regular
3 x 11″ Lady Days heavies



It’s 10.30pm and I have just changed into a Party in my Pants night pad. This is an American brand stocked in the UK at


They also happen to stock my all-time favourite wetbags, made by SMJAE (another American brand). The pad is cotton-topped but PUL-backed, which is totally outside of my comfort zone. PUL is a lot slippier than my trusty fleece so I’m hoping it stays put all night. It is also incredibly thin. And I mean, like, THIN. Pantyliner thin. I can’t actually feel any core in it at all, although the website tells me the core is 100% cotton. It’s Day 2 of my period; usually my heaviest day but seemingly more so this month. I’ve been feeling really crampy and sluggish all day. The pad I’ve just removed was pretty much flooded. I am baffled about exactly how this is going to last all night.


I really didn’t sleep well from worrying about whether the pad would hold up to my night gushes! I needn’t have worried. It somehow worked. My flow had travelled the full 12 inches of the pad but hadn’t leaked off either end. I was also grateful for the wide wings because without them, I would’ve leaked off the side. With a really thick squishy night pad I feel protected and I know it’s going to do its job. I think I need to use this one a couple more times to build up trust in it because it washed well and it’s actually a really nice pad!

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