Lucy’s List – February (week 4)

I’ve been a bit slack on the blogging front because I’m busy preparing for my next Market Night over at The Pie Patch Shop on Sunday 8th March. Please do pop along if you’d like to grab a little bit of crocheted loveliness, like these toddler legwarmers. Perfect for cloth bum kids or babywearing, or just for looking generally funky and fabulous!


Meanwhile, I’ve been throwing anything and everything at the slow cooker in a bid to feed the kids some decent meals! I’m not doing too badly, all things considered. But I am drowning in laundry. Where does it all come from?! I honestly have no idea. There is always some on the drier, some in the machine, while the laundry bin overflows onto the landing and NEVER seems to diminish!

Anyhoo, here’s what we ate last week…


MONDAY: slow cooker sweet and sour beef, rice and prawn crackers

TUESDAY: pancakes

WEDNESDAY: afternoon tea at No.84 Tearoom

THURSDAY: slow cooker pasta bolognese


FRIDAY: honey and garlic tuna with hangover noodles


SATURDAY: fish fingers, oven chips and peas

SUNDAY: lunch at my mum’s

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