Lady Days: New design

I’ve been working with Helen from Lady Days on something very special. Regular readers will already know what a fan I am of this brand. I’ve written about these pads several times before and even hosted a giveaway. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the standard Lady Days pads:


Yep. There it is. Good, solid lines. Perfect stitching. Quality materials.

You may also know that occasionally Helen releases some special edition pads, topped with some of her own hand-dyed bamboo velour. I’ve bought one before and the velour is gorgeous.


They are a different design to her usual pads because the wings are just a thin layer of fleece that extends into the backing fabric. Bamboo velour is thicker than cotton, so having a fleece-only wing means they are less bulky and give a smoother fit.

However for me I prefer the sturdier wing with less stretch offered by the standard design. But I also love bamboo and cotton velours. I just can’t resist a colourful hand-dyed fabric. So I contacted Helen and asked whether she fancied having a go at making me a bamboo pad but in her standard style. And of course she rose to the challenge!


It’s AMAZING! Helen has cleverly offset the extra thickness of the bamboo by using a serged edge, which is slightly thinner than the normal turned and topstitched edge. So I get a sturdy wing, with all the squishy softness of bamboo velour, but with a tapered, thinner, serged edge. Genius!


As you can see, it’s exactly the same size, shape and pattern as her standard pads, with the same attention to detail and precise stitching:


But the bamboo really hasn’t added any bulk to the pad at all. In fact, the edges actually feel a little thinner to me!


It’s been backed with a beautiful plum windpro fleece that feels lovely and offers some water resistance too.


I am really, really impressed with what Helen has done. But how does it stand up to being worn and washed? How does it compare to the originals?

Well, the pad is marked for regular to heavy flow and I wore it for a few hours on the heaviest day of my cycle. I was feeling really quite tired and crampy and sluggish so I spent most of the day sitting on the sofa with my crochet. The 11-inch length prevented any run-off towards the back of the pad, which can sometimes happen when sitting crossed-legged for any period of time. The velour did its job and quickly wicked away the blood into a super thirsty core.


The pad is now sitting in my wetbag for a couple of days until the end of my period. I will follow my usual washing routine – a machine rinse; a rub with my stain remover; then a pre-wash, main wash and extra rinse. You can read more about my minimum faff, lazy girl approach to caring for my pads here. I am a little nervous because bamboo velour is quite prone to staining and this is a fairly light-coloured fabric for me. I am also used to serged pads curling a little after washing. I’ll update this post in a few days to let you know how it faired.

Helen is working on introducing these new serged pads to her range. In the meantime, check out her website for more fluffy loveliness:


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a free pad in return for an honest review.

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