Beary Cute Bums review

I was contacted by Clare at Beary Cute Bums because she was looking for feedback on her new range of Bear Necessities cloth sanitary pads (CSP). This is a brand that I wasn’t very familiar with but, the fluff community being what it is, I’d started to hear it mentioned and the Beary Cute Bums name had begun creeping onto my radar.

Clare has been making gorgeous cloth nappies and kids’ clothes for a while. It’s always exciting to hear about an established work-at-home mum branching out into reusable menstrual products. It’s an indication that demand is increasing and that cloth is steadily becoming more widespread. Another step closer to becoming mainstream!

But I digress. Clare was very attentive in asking my preferences regarding length and absorbency. Twelve inches is my perfect length for daytime. My period had only just finished so I requested a 12-inch liner so that I wouldn’t have to wait an entire month to use it! She’d never made a liner so long before but was happy to accommodate my needs. And this is what arrived…


How pretty is that?! The pad arrived beautifully packaged in a little organza bag. Purple is my favourite colour. I don’t think the maker knew that but this is just stunning. I am also a sucker for hand-dyed fabrics. Another bonus for me is that this is cotton velour. I don’t come across cotton velour as often as bamboo velour and yet I much prefer it. Slightly cooler to wear, I find that it stains less and doesn’t become as ‘crispy’ as bamboo sometimes can after being washed in my hard water area. It is very very soft. A real treat. I was already impressed before I’d even worn it!

The absorbency is embroidered onto the wing of the pad. Unfortunately mine has an ‘n’ for ‘night’ because, as I mentioned, this is the first 12-inch liner in this range. Modern sewing machines are ever so technical. Embroidery patterns have to be professionally digitised for every size and shape of pad, so Clare only had this particular length ready as a night pad. She has since had it digitised for other absorbencies so they will now carry the correct wing markers.


That said, the embroidery and all of the stitching is very neat. I scrutinised it, looking for loose threads or kinks in the fabric but found none, even after washing. It’s clear that this pad has been made by an experienced seamstress. All those cloth nappies have served her well!

My one niggle is that the pad only has one snap. The open wingspan is seven inches, which reduces to 2.75 inches when snapped closed. I did experience some wing droopage. The single popper meant I couldn’t get a snug fit against my underwear. If I’d been wearing a skirt or dress, the pad would certainly have shifted about in my knickers. A tight pair of jeans ensured it stayed put and it was actually very comfortable. Clare assures me that she will now be adding an extra snap as standard. It’s a sign of a good maker when they listen to constructive feedback and adapt their products accordingly.

I like the shape of the pad, with the ever so slightly tapered back end.


It’s a subtle design feature but I found the small point helped the pad fit well to my body without the dreaded bum wedgie. With the cotton velour top, microfleece back and a layer of hemp fleece at its core, this pad would easily stand up to the lighter end of my period, but is still thin enough to serve as a liner.


A word about the fleece. The microfleece used here is excellent quality. I cannot abide cheap, bulky fleece that bobbles and collects fluff after the first wash. This came out looking every bit as good as the photo above after going through a full laundry cycle. Happy days!

Pop over to the Beary Cute Bums Facebook page for more information about the Bear Necessities CSP range.


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a free pad in exchange for an honest review.

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