Lucy’s List – February (week 1)

Busy, busy, busy. I’ve decided to buy a slow cooker. I know this is a bit of a bandwagon that I am very late to jump on but needs must. In my head, it feels a bit like cheating. If I’m not doing any of the work, it’s not real cooking. Is it?!

We’re still adjusting to family life with two full-time working parents. My husband is amazing and doing extra bits around the house, especially at weekends. I feel guilty that he is doing things that I used to do. I feel as if I should be managing better and doing everything myself.

We’ve had way more takeaways lately than is healthy. To the extent that I’m now getting sick of takeaways! But with two girls at two different schools with two diffferent pick-up times, plus The Pie Patch Shop getting off to a flying start, plus all the usual household tasks, something’s gotta give. And it’s usually my cooking time.

I can’t keep up the pace of a working mother on junk food. As a family we all need decent nutrition, even more so in these dark winter months. So I think a slow cooker might be the solution. This is going to be a whole new way of cooking that I’m not used to. What are your favourite slow cooker recipes? Tell me in the comments below!


MONDAY: chilli and rice

TUESDAY: cullen skink


WEDNESDAY: lamb chops and braised red cabbage with garlic and rosemary chipped potatoes


THURSDAY: fish cakes, oven chips and beans

FRIDAY: takeaway

SATURDAY: tuna pasta bake


SUNDAY: sausage and quinoa stew


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3 thoughts on “Lucy’s List – February (week 1)

  1. Maggie February 6, 2015 at 15:09 Reply

    I don’t think a a slow cooker is cheating any more than a pressure cooker or even a microwave to cook different parts of a recipe.Some slow cooker recipe books make you fry off the onion and other ingredients to start it off which seems to defeat the point really. I prefer it when you just throw everything in and leave it; even then you still have to weigh and chop it all. Those recipes can be a bit crude though and the house once smelt most unappetising when it was full of root veg!

    Mine has come to be used only for rice pudding which I occasionally make. Where it comes into its own I think would be for cuts of meat which benefit from the long, slow approach e.g. stewing steak and so on.

  2. tinabakesbread February 8, 2015 at 20:03 Reply

    It’s a great kitchen appliance and we use our slow cooker lots. I even made a corn and crab chowder in it:

    I sent you an email with some recipes.

    • The Pie Patch February 8, 2015 at 20:04 Reply

      Thanks so much, Tina. I’ve sent a reply to your email. V much appreciated.

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