Going dairy free: Week 1

So I’m going dairy free. Apparently. I explained my reasons for it here. And this is my progress so far:


Day 1

I thought I’d start with the unsweetened almond milk. I had it cold on my cereal. It looks a little darker than cows’ milk and has a very slightly thicker consistency. But I really didn’t notice much difference in taste. Maybe the flavour of the cereal was masking it. Or maybe almond milk just doesn’t have a strong taste. Either way, I’m quite impressed. I can live with this!


Day 2

My morning coffee is my saviour. It’s my start to the day. Even since going decaf, it remains my early bird ritual. I get up at 6am on weekdays. Quite frankly it’s not natural and I need something worth getting up for.

Sadly I wasn’t impressed with the almond milk in my coffee.


It looks too dark. And it definitely tasted a bit weird. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was but it tasted thin. And a bit planty. It didn’t have the richness of flavour that coffee with a splash of cows’ milk has. Not a success. Tomorrow I’ll try it with the coconut milk instead.

I also noticed this afternoon feeling quite headachy, with really flushed hot cheeks. Is dairy withdrawal a thing?!


Day 3

Woke up with another new spot this morning, right next to the corner my mouth. Great.

I tried the coconut milk in my coffee. It still has that dark colour. It just doesn’t go milky like coffee should. It did taste slightly better than the almond milk though. A very faint coconut taste that wasn’t unpleasant. If I can’t get that proper milky coffee taste, I think it might be something I need to get used to.


I had a funsize Mars bar in the evening. When I mentioned it to some Twitter friends they suggested Booja Booja, a dairy free brand of chocolate I could try. So I’ll be keeping an eye out for that.


Day 4

I made a sandwich at lunchtime, using the a dairy free spread. Honestly didn’t notice any difference. I’m a bit reluctant to use an artificial spread. I’ve used proper unsalted butter for years because it seems the closest to unprocessed out there.

But the Pure olive spread makes plenty of claims about being healthy and natural.


And the ingredients are fairly legible. No weird chemical-sounding stuff:


So I’ll carry on with it. It was on special offer so I’ve got two tubs to get through. Good job it’s got a long shelf life!


Day 5

Still on the quest for decent coffee. After yet another suggestion from Twitter (you lot have been brilliantly helpful!) I made my own latte with Provitamil oat drink.


The thought of it freaked me out a bit. In my head, it’s like licking the milky sap when you pick a dandelion. Some things you just don’t do. Nevertheless, I microwaved a cup of the stuff and added a teaspoon each of demerara sugar and instant coffee. It certainly looked the part and there was no weird smell or anything.


I found some dairy free millionaire’s shortbread in Sainsbury’s so it was the perfect opportunity for an afternoon coffee break. And lo and behold! The homemade latte was really quite good! Definitely creamy. No weird plant taste. I think I’ve found my coffee solution!


Day 6

Spots are still appearing. Le sigh. Really enjoyed my oaty latte this morning. Today’s task is to try the lactose free mature cheddar I bought.


Hoping it’s not rubbery. Wish me luck!

[Some time later…]

I made tuna pasta bake for tea. A big batch, made to my usual recipe. At the last minute, I put one portion into a smaller baking dish and topped it with lactose free cheddar. To the rest I added chunks of mozzarella and topped it with parmesan.



Day 7

I made scrambled eggs for breakfast using some dairy free products. I blogged the recipe here.

It’s the weekend and I needed a sweet treat. I found this in Sainsbury’s…


A Crunchie is one of my favourite choccy bars and this tastes very similar. Really scrummy.


So that’s my first week done. I don’t feel any different. I have been a bit headachy but I wondered if this might be down to having less sugar than usual. I honestly can’t see any change in my skin as yet. But I’ll do a series of week-by-week photos after after a month so I can get a better idea by comparison.

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4 thoughts on “Going dairy free: Week 1

  1. jules February 4, 2015 at 07:52 Reply

    You make it sound so easy, I might give it a go. I’m also up really early and check the blogs I follow while waiting for my toddler to wake. Loving the Cornishware!

    • The Pie Patch February 4, 2015 at 07:57 Reply

      It’s been easier than I expected but I’m not being uber strict about milk in ready made products. I had a few custard cream biscuits yesterday! It’s been ok though. Just need to see some results in my skin now!

  2. Maggie February 4, 2015 at 10:07 Reply

    I really wish you luck with the dairy free project though you know my thoughts on it! Have you tried Holland & Barratt for the dairy free chocolate? You do seem to be spending a lot on different products though and maybe some of them are not being used up! How long will you give it? A month? x

    • The Pie Patch February 4, 2015 at 10:16 Reply

      Yep. Just a month to see how it goes. The only one I’m not keen on so far is the almond milk. It was ok but I prefer oat or coconut. The millionaire’s shortbread that I didn’t really like was hoovered up by Ian so no waste so far! Holland & Barratt is on my list to visit. Had a good tip off about some dairy free chocolate!

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