Muff Chat Monday: WIWTM (Jan 2015)

I should’ve published this last week but I was run ragged getting The Pie Patch Shop off the ground. So it’s a little late but here it is: what I wore this month.


TOP ROW (l-r):
12″ Earthshine Luxe Full Moon FlexiLuxe (jersey-topped heavy)
Homestead Emporium Ultimini (hand-dyed bamboo velour)
2 x Tenderoni Collection (1 regular, 1 night, both cotton)
14″ Lady Days (cotton-topped night)
13″ Domino Pads (bamboo velour liner)

14″ Beau Bespoke (hand-dyed bamboo velour night)
10.5″ Lazy Creek Boutique (jersey-topped moderate)
11″ Lady Days (cotton-topped heavy)
12′ Beau Bespoke (hand-dyed Egyptian cotton moderate)
12″ Made by Gituce (cotton-topped regular)
11″ Cotton Candy Eco Cloth (organic cotton-topped moderate)
12.5″ Yurtcraft (cotton-topped heavy)

I was a bit crampy for the first day of this month’s period so I used my LadyBits angry uterus heat pack. It’s always so soothing and just looking at it makes me smile. If you’re in the UK, I hear that Eco Dreams has just restocked with LadyBits again, so grab one while you can!


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One thought on “Muff Chat Monday: WIWTM (Jan 2015)

  1. ginacaro May 14, 2015 at 10:31 Reply

    I’d really like to test some reusable pads, I think they are a brilliant idea! Do you ever have any issues with them? Also can you recommend any stockist in the UK at all?

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