Lucy’s List – December (week 3)

I finally feel like I can relax a little. As you can see from this last week’s meal plan, yesterday was our open house. I saw most of my family and a lot of my handmade Christmas baskets have now been given out (except for my closest relatives who I’ll be with on The Big Day).

Cards have been delivered to our neighbours. Parcels have been posted to far away friends. My youngest had her third birthday without a hitch.

I just have one glove to finish for my mum and tomorrow I’ll be cooking our glazed gammon, which will see us through until after Boxing Day. Then it’s just a case of wrapping the kids’ presents with a large Baileys in my hand and I’m done. Oh, and I’ve sent The Husband out today with my last minute shopping list to buy all the fresh bits and bobs. It does feel as if I’m late finishing this year but the end is in sight. Now I just need to remember to stop, breathe, absorb the atmosphere, and ENJOY the time I spend with the ones I love.


MONDAY: takeaway

TUESDAY: loaded nachos


WEDNESDAY: MY BIRTHDAY! Husband cooked lamb shanks and waaay too many side dishes!


THURSDAY: minted lamb and vegetable soup made from birthday leftovers


FRIDAY: pizza

SATURDAY: IRIS’ BIRTHDAY! Winter wonderland and a pop-up cinema showing of Frozen.


SUNDAY: Open house buffet (mince pies, chicken nuggets, onion rings, dips, crisps, birthday cake)

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