Impaled Olaf

That bit in Frozen when Olaf the snowman gets impaled on an icicle? Yeah. That.

I saw this idea in the Sainsbury’s Christmas magazine and thought they’d be great fun to do with the kidlings to get them into the festive mood*.

(*peel them off the ceiling and make them CALM DOWN for a second and focus on something)

If you’re (god forbid) having a Christmas party for kids, make a huge batch and let them go crazy on the sugar until they’re sick. Happy days.

A perk of this recipe is that there’s no actual baking involved and minimal washing up. Bonus!



Big bag of marshmallows
Fizzy strawberry cables
Cola shoelaces
Black and orange icing tubes (dig out that kit you bought for Hallowe’en!)
Lots of skewers (you might have a packet leftover from that barbecue you had in the summer)




It’s very easy and there is plenty of scope to be as creative as you like. If you’re making them for a party, cover a small box in foil and poke the skewers into it so they’re upright and easier to work with. Just be careful that the small people don’t poke their little eyes out on them.


I put all the ingredients out in bowls. The idea is to use three marshmallows for the head and body; a Rolo for the hat; a strawberry cable for the scarf; and the icing pens for the face, buttons and arms (or you can use cola laces for the arms if you prefer).

I did one first to demonstrate. Mine looked like this…


And then … erm … the toddler had a go…


… oh. Umm … yes. She had fun anyway. With ALL the icing.

The big child was quite a dab hand at it though! She made some really good ones.


Anyway, it’s a really simple activity to do with the kids. Great fun with not too much effort involved.



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2 thoughts on “Impaled Olaf

  1. Maggie January 6, 2015 at 08:14 Reply

    They are amazing. Seems like a lot of prep to me but you are a supermum!

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