Easy peasy scallop linguine (serves 4)

Yes, ok. I used spaghetti. I didn’t have any linguine. But it rhymes!

I can’t claim that this is a particularly thrifty recipe because good scallops are pretty pricey. These were £6.00 from Sainsbury’s freezer aisle and there were 15 fairly plump scallops in the pack. Aldi had some in their Christmas range recently too at £5.99 for nine MAHOOSIVE scallops (so big I sliced them in half and they were still a good size!). But if scallops are way out of your budget, you could use some value brand prawns instead to keep the cost down.

The rest of the ingredients are all fairly cheap, standard store cupboard stuff. The garlic butter is a bit of a lazy cheat and it’s certainly cheaper to use bog standard butter and any form of garlic you have to hand, preferably fresh or jarred. Again, fresh lemon juice is fab but if you only have bottled then use that.

However you make it, this ought to be really quick and really fresh. And you really only need to use one pan and one hob, saving on fuel and washing up at the same time. Bonus!



1 pack of frozen scallops
Half a pack of spaghetti/linguine
3 large handfuls of frozen peas
A little oil
75g garlic butter
2 tsb frozen chopped parsley (I’d have used fresh but my outdoor herb tub isn’t quite up to it at this time of year!)
Lemon juice (fresh if you have it but out of a bottle is fine)
Black pepper (or some fresh chopped red chilli)
A really generous grating of parmesan




First things first, boil the kettle and get your pasta on to cook. It should only take about 7 minutes-ish to cook to al dente. Add the frozen peas for the last few minutes’ cooking time.

Tip the whole lot into a colander over the sink and leave to drain for a couple of minutes while you cook the scallops. Put the same pan back onto the hob with a little oil and the garlic butter (the oil stops the butter from burning). As the hob and pan are still hot from cooking the pasta, the fat should heat up fairly quickly. It will look like an awful lot of butter but remember that this is the only ‘sauce’ your pasta will have. You need it to be silky smooth.

Put the scallops into the pan (along with the fresh chilli if you’re using it) and cook for a minute each side, then add the parsley for a few seconds longer.


Tip the drained pasta and peas back into the pan and toss. You want the pasta to be thoroughly coated in glossy melted butter and bright green herbs.


Give it a good lot of black pepper and a generous squeeze of lemon juice. Once it’s on the plate, grate plenty of parmesan over the top. Yum.


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2 thoughts on “Easy peasy scallop linguine (serves 4)

  1. tinabakesbread December 17, 2014 at 22:11 Reply

    Spaghetti or linguine, either way this is a great looking meal. Absolutely gorgeous to photograph and i know it’s rib sticking. We haven’t had scallops in ages. Need to rectify that!

    • The Pie Patch December 17, 2014 at 22:19 Reply

      I love scallops. One of my real indulgences.

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