My Christmas pad stash!

As many of you are probably aware, my pad stash is pretty … ahem … full to bursting complete now. I am very fortunate to have more pads than I really need and I do still like to treat myself to the odd one or two (or six) new ones each month.

At the end of my last period, I realised that my next one will be very close to Christmas. I guess most people would feel a bit bummed about that. Not me! I immediately set to organising my festive fluff!

My birthday is a week before Christmas, so I have these two Sagittarius pads, the smaller one is from DinkyDotBots and the other is Lady Days.


Then there are my proper Chrimbo pads:


The toy soldier was one of my very first Lady Days pads, the snowmen print is a new one I bought this year from Made by Gituce, and the bright red one is Huggally Wuggally. Bright festive fluff!

And of course, Christmas Day in our house just isn’t complete without an episode of Doctor Who…


The pads are by DinkyDotBots and Mama Kloth. The wet bag is from My Little Patch.

I give away lots of pads via my blog and social media pages so that I can help others to start their own cloth pad collections. Please do make sure you follow me on Twitter (@ThePiePatch) and Facebook ( so you don’t miss out.


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2 thoughts on “My Christmas pad stash!

  1. tanzilc December 15, 2014 at 15:40 Reply

    Looking at these I can see it could very well get addictive!

    • The Pie Patch December 15, 2014 at 16:12 Reply

      I could totally stop any time I like! *buys more pads*

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