Lucy’s List – December (week 1)

I finally feel as though Christmas is coming together now. I started making up my homemade hampers for family and friends this week & they look lovely sitting under my tree. I still have a couple more to do and I’m waiting for a few online orders to show up but overall it’s looking pretty good.


We’ve had some really hearty meals this week too. The cold, dark evenings make decent home cooking a must. It doesn’t have to be fancy; some decent quality meat and spuds can feel satisfying and indulgent. Wednesday’s lamb chops, Thursday’s soup and Sunday’s braised red cabbage are all very simple dishes but they all hit the spot in terms of comforting, cockle-warming meals.


MONDAY: lasagne


TUESDAY: breaded fish, chips and peas

WEDNESDAY: lamb chops, jackets, runner beans, mint sauce and gravy

THURSDAY: homemade root vegetable soup with bread

FRIDAY: breaded chicken, oven chips and veg


SUNDAY: roast chicken, potatoes, carrots, braised red cabbage, bread sauce, gravy


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