Earthshine Luxe cloth pads

I’ve had my beady eye on Earthshine Luxe for a while now. The unusual shape of the pads and the rich, vintage-vibe fabrics really stood out on my Facebook feed which, quite frankly, is chock-a-block bulging with pad makers these days.

Recently I noticed a new style of pad had been introduced to the range. The new pads have the “UberLuxe” overlocked edging, rather than turned and topstitched, making them slightly thinner and trimmer around the edges. Better still, the serged edges were done with rainbow thread. I needed one! I tried to buy a pad quietly without her noticing but the super cool Bec twigged and insisted on sending me a lovely bundle of goodies to share with you instead!


Bec actually went to all the trouble of stalking my social media feeds like a total weirdo to figure out my favourite colours and prints. And she’s scarily good at it! (I should probably reassure you that she doesn’t make a habit of covert reconnaissance on all her customers; just me apparently!) The bright stripy pad was designed specifically with me in mind. I’m pretty sure that if you sliced off the top of my skull, this is what the inside of my brain looks like. A great big splash of snazzy colour vom.


This particular pad is a 12.5-inch “Full Moon” style – with beautiful flared ends. It’s a moderate to heavy absorbency and has a contrasing central panel of cotton terry laid onto a blue cotton jersey top fabric.

I’ve never had a terry-topped pad before. It feels quite bulky to hold but I was surprised by how unnoticeable it was once I was wearing it. The longer pile makes it brilliantly efficient at wicking away liquids (as you’ll know from your own face flannels and bath towels). It was invented specifically for this purpose!

Now I usually change my pads every four hours but on this day, I nipped to the loo after I’d been wearing the pad for only a couple of hours. It was nowhere near full and the terry topping meant that it still felt pretty fresh and dry so I left it on. Then things got really hectic. Properly silly busy. I didn’t get another chance to use the toilet until much later. In total I’d been wearing the pad for over six hours! Much longer than I’d usually wear a pad. Amazingly, and despite only being a moderate absorbency, the pad managed to contain everything really well!


I was impressed that everything was retained within that central panel, with no leakage onto the wings. Considering there is no PUL in this pad, it’s great that nothing soaked through onto my knickers either, despite being worn for so long!

The standard turned and topstitched pad performed well too.


This is also 12.5 inches but is a heavier absorbency. This has a cotton top fabric and a contrasting panel of bamboo velour.

I must admit that I don’t usually go for fabrics this pale in colour and I did experience some staining as a result, which is hard to shift in this dark winter weather. I’m sure that come the summer months, a good dose of sunshine will fade them out.

Nevertheless, I wore the pad for four hours. I found it really comfy to wear. It seemed to fit against my body perfectly, and was snug enough in the middle to stay put without shifting around in my pants. The velour was super soft. I did bleed a little off the side of the central panel towards the end of the four hours but the underlying cotton fabric and fleece backing fabric held up well and there wasn’t a spot on my knickers. And I admit I hadn’t prepped or pre-washed the pad so with a couple more washes, it’ll be up to its full absorbency.

Overall, it’s really hard for me to find fault with Earthshine Luxe. Bec’s customer service was brilliant. In fact I was so impressed with this brand, that I’ve since purchased a load more!


I think Earthshine Luxe could be my new “one to watch” brand. If you haven’t already, go and check out her page:

And keep an eye on my blog too, because Bec may have sent me a little something for you guys too!


I was not paid for this post. I was sent some free samples in exchange for an honest review.

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