Lucy’s List – November (week 3)

I bought ready meals this week! It feels a bit like a guilty secret so I’m throwing it out there to ease my conscience. Husband was working late one evening and I was so so tired, I just couldn’t face cooking. So I took the girls to the supermarket and we each chose a meal.

It’s such a rare occurrence that they thought it was a special treat (rather than a lazy substandard option coz their mum was knackered). Extra parenting points for that! I don’t think Iris has ever eaten a ready meal and she’s almost three.

I chose spaghetti carbonara, Lily chose a tomato and mozzarella pasta thing, Iris wanted chicken so ended up with one of the healty option meals – a chicken breast, new potatoes, carrots, green beans, and gravy. We even had Rolo dessert pots for pudding!

Ok, so it might not have been the best nutritionally. But it was ruddy marvellous having a break from cooking without resorting to an overpriced takeaway. And I might’ve felt just a teeny tiny bit smug inside when Lily declared that her ready meal pasta wasn’t as good as mine…


MONDAY: beef stew and dumplings with broccoli


TUESDAY: lime and ginger salmon with sticky coconut rice


WEDNESDAY: pea and prawn korma with oven chips

THURSDAY: ready meals

FRIDAY: baked camembert with breadsticks, crackers, salami, celery and carrot sticks


SATURDAY: beans on toast

SUNDAY: pork, apple and celery stew with roasted new potatoes and green beans


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