Christmas fluff!

For this week’s Muff Chat Monday, I thought I’d do you a very quick round-up of a few makers I’ve noticed on my social media feeds with Christmas pads for sale. These are either in-stock ready made Christmas-themed pads, or makers who are open for custom orders and have festive fabrics available. Just because. Who doesn’t want some seasonal joy in their pants?!


Busy Little Bee


Absolutely stunning embroidery work. A bee in a Santa hat! These are available in very limited quantities so get in quickly at Busy Little Bee to avoid disappointment.


Dimplemuff at Feminine Wear


It’s Olaf! These cotton flannel pads are available at Feminine Wear. You NEED to buy one!




Butterfly cloth pads in a really pretty traditional fabric. EcoDreams is also stocking some great Christmas gift packs for menstrual cup users.


Huggally Wuggally


Huggally Wuggally has been recently introduced embroidery on her pads and has some gorgeous festive prints in stock too!


Made by Gituce


You can’t buy this exact pad because it’s MINE. It arrived today and I’m not sharing. Thankfully, there are still a few others in stock at Made by Gituce.


Piggie Cloth


I love these pads and I love these prints. Someone needs to buy these Piggie Cloth pads quickly before I do!

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