Muff Chat Monday: Canadian cloth pads

This week I got double fluffy post. All the way from Canada. I know it’s not very eco friendly having pads shipped halfway around the world. Astronomical carbon footprint. But as a once-in-a-while treat they really are worth it.

Shipping charges are, of course, a little higher but you can always wait until there’s a discount code on offer (see The Fit and Fluffy Mama’s blog for a big list currently running for her #ditchthedisposables campaign). I tend to stick with single pad orders too, because orders over a certain value (I think it’s £15 or £20?) can be hit with an import charge. So be aware of that when you buy.

Canadian makers do seem to have a knack of making super thin pads. I already have some Pretty Eco Intimates and Homestead Emporium in my stash.

image Pretty Eco Intimates

Both Canadian. Both super thin but super absorbent.

image Homestead Emporium

Now I’ve added a couple more Canadians to my collection!


Cotton Candy Eco Cloth

This is my first pad from Cotton Candy Eco Cloth (CCEC). Based in Niagara Falls. Yes. The real actual Niagara Falls. Cool, eh. [Insert hilarious period/waterfall joke here.] I spotted this gorgeous retro-vintage-looking “squirrel away” print in the CCEC Etsy shop and couldn’t resist.


It came beautifully wrapped, with one of her trademark “cuterus” stickers on the tissue paper and a personalised hand written card. It really does make all the difference opening something that has been wrapped with extra care. Really special.

The pad itself is a 12-inch moderate flow with an organic cotton top fabric. It’s remarkably “forget you’re wearing it” thin, despite having two layers of bamboo fleece at its core. I can’t wait to wear it.


Mama Kloth

And here’s my second pretty parcel!


Again, the packaging was lovely. There’s something comforting about brown paper and string. A beautiful bundle of three heavy pads from Mama Kloth’s Etsy shop. I already have one of her pads in an uber cool Tardis print with a Tardis-engraved snap. This was a really naughty purchase but I fell in love with the delicate pastel batik fabrics. The colours were calling to me.

Also, erm … hello?! GLOW IN THE DARK SNAPS! When you’re nipping to the loo in the middle of the night, or doing that final pad change before bed, and not wanting to wake the kids by turning all the lights on, no more fumbling about trying to fasten a popper in the dark! Genius.

These are 12-inch heavy flow pads. I really don’t need any more heavies but I loved them so much and I knew they’d be thin enough to wear on lighter days without feeling uncomfortable. They’re made to her “curvy” design, which is such a good fit on me. She also stocks an original shape that is slightly more squared with pointed wings.


These are my only pad purchases for this month. I’ve reined it in a lot compared with previous months. And with this lovely lot in my knickers, I can look forward to a happy period!

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