Muff Chat Monday: WIWTM (Oct 2014)

I think I was lucky this month to be able to hang my pads outside on the line. Sunshine is great for bleaching out stains and giving the fabrics a good airing.

But Autumn is definitely here and the good drying days are now few and far between. I must admit to feeling slightly less enthusiastic about my pads (and laundry in general) during the dark winter months. I don’t have a tumble dryer and I really dislike having washing strewn all over my house.

My heated airer from Lakeland was a gift from my parents. It’s a pricey purchase but a great investment in the long term, if you can’t afford to have the radiators on full-blast all day.

Anyway, here is my ‘What I wore this month’…


TOP ROW (left to right):

12-inch Beau Bespoke, heavy, hand-dyed Egyptian cotton
13-inch Beau Bespoke, night, hand-dyed bamboo velour
14-inch Beau Bespoke, night, hand-dyed bamboo velour
15-inch Homestead Emporium, Ultimax Slim, hand-dyed jersey


13-inch Little Gumnut (bought via Boobalou), heavy/night, hand-dyed bamboo velour
12.5-inch Yurtcraft, moderate, Hallowe’en cats’ eyes cotton
12-inch Dimplemuff, heavy, Hallowe’en bat shaped cotton
12-inch Mama Kloth, moderate, exploding Tardis cotton


11-inch DDB Secrets, heavy, suedecloth
12-inch Femme Rouge, heavy, cotton
12-inch Lady Days slim, heavy, cotton
11-inch C-Pop Commodities, moderate/heavy, cotton
11-inch Eco Cloth, heavy, jersey


I was definitely in the mood for squishy comforting bamboo velour this month, particularly at night. And I was very excited about using my Hallowe’en themed pads for the first time! A bat pad from Dimplemuff, a cats’ eyes Yurtcraft pad, and my Femme Rouge skull pad all got me in the mood for ‘trick or treating’ and apple bobbing with the kids.


What are you wearing this month?

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