Cloth pad makers

Here is a list of makers I have experience of using. I’ve either bought from them or been sent pads to test or review. Most of these makers are really talented work-at-home small businesswomen. Some of them also make cloth nappies, washable wet wipes, washable breast pads, kids’ clothes, wet/dry bags and all sorts of other things. So even if cloth pads aren’t your thing, it’s worth checking out their pages for other lovely stuff.






Great value pads for people who want a choice of pretty fabrics on a smaller budget.



Aunt Flo’s Fluff

I tested a cute night pad for this maker. Read my review here.



Beau Bespoke


An experienced seamstress who has branched out into beautifully made pads.



Boba’s Bounty Cloth


An unusual style of pad, designed specifically to reduce the movement of the pad in your underwear. Lots of “geek” themed fabrics – Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc.


Busy Little Bee


An experienced seamstress who is relatively new to cloth pads. Read my review here.



Butterfly Cloth Pads


Great brand. I am a repeat customer! Also makes pad wrappers and coasters for menstrual cups.



Cheeky Mama


This is a big brand in the cloth nappy world, better known for their washable wet wipes and accessories. Great wet bags too. I reviewed their cloth pads here.


Cotton Candy Eco Cloth


Beautifully packaged pads from Niagara Falls, Canada. Very thin and lightweight. This one is organic cotton too.


County Cloth Creations


A Canadian maker with really pretty fabrics. This one of mine has a purple polka dot fleece backing too.


C-Pop Commodities


An American maker with an unusual shaped pad and an eye for gorgeous fabrics.


Daisy Rock Designs


These pads are a great shape for me and she stocks some cool prints. You can get 10% off your first order if you mention The Pie Patch and quote code ‘3110’.


DDB Secrets


Jacqui has been making DinkyDotBots cloth nappies for years. DDB Secrets is her new range of CSPs with gorgeous stitching on the central core. Look her up on Facebook too for special offers.


Dimplemuff by Dimplebum


Another cloth nappy maker branching out into CSPs. She often collaborates with My Little Patch (see below) to make matching pad/wetbag sets.



Domino Pads


A great quality overseas brand that is also available to buy in the UK from Feminine Wear.



Earthshine Luxe


Absolutely stunning pads, with different shapes and sizes named after the phases of the moon.


Eco Rainbow


I bought my very first pads from Bex and I’m still a regular customer. Really helpful lady and will go out of her way to find that special fabric! I’ll be reviewing her new thinner design soon.




This Australian maker is unusual because the patterned cotton fabric faces down in your underwear, rather than against your skin. Impressive delivery times to the UK too.


Femme Rouge



An unusual shape with a super absorbent core with layers spanning into the wings. Really good quality pads.


Fluffy Little Pickles


Excellent quality pads from a talented lady, who also makes cloth nappies. Good range of fabrics, including some hand-dyed bamboo velour and minky.


Flutterby Fluff


A very new maker. Offers a good range of sizes and package prices. Find a review of her pads here.


Gaia Moon Pads


Beautiful unusual fabrics and really slim pads.


Green Chix


This lady sews all of her pads by hand. No machines involved at all! She makes her colourful creations with young girls and teens in mind, as well as fun-loving adults. Who said periods had to be boring?


Green Cycle Pads


These pads have the core stitched on top of the backing fabric. This makes the wings extra thin and less bulky to wear. Pretty stitching too.


Homestead Emporium


Absolutely stunning pads, made in a beautiful location in rural Canada. My go-to brand for longer-length pads in unique hand dyed bamboo velour and jersey fabrics.


Honour Your Flow


A really truly eco-friendly brand. Lovely prints in a range of fabrics with super thin wings. The pads in this photo were bought as seconds.


Huggally Wuggally


I won this bright red custom made pad in a competition on this maker’s Facebook page. It’s a firm favourite in my stash.


Lady Days Cloth Pads


This is probably my favourite maker for daytime pads. Excellent quality. I love the wide shape. Fabulous fabrics. I keep going back for more!



Lazy Creek Boutique


I was lucky enough to be sent a pre-release sample of the “mermaid” pad for review. You can read it here.


Made by Gituce


This lady couldn’t have been more accommodating in helping to choose the right KnikaPads and they are absolutely beautifully made too. Review here.



Mama Kloth


I ordered a custom pad from this lady via her Etsy page after spotting some awesome Doctor Who “exploding Tardis” fabric and she couldn’t have been more helpful. I’ve since bought more with glow-in-the-dark snaps. Very thin pads; not at all bulky. Well worth the extra shipping from Canada.


Mimi’s Dreams


I bought a whole set of these peacock themed pads via Feminine Wear. My daughter has since stolen some of them from me for her stash!


One in a Mel’lion


An American maker so be prepared to pay extra for shipping (or wait until she runs a special offer!). Very friendly, helpful lady.


Piggie Cloth


I reviewed this maker here and then bought a couple more because I was so impressed!


Pretty Eco Intimates


A Canadian maker so shipping is more expensive but her pads are so worth it! One of my favourites.


Sew Domesticated


I tested some of this maker’s early designs for CSP and even at a developmental stage they were comfy and worked well for me.


Tenderoni Collection


A really talented lady, with the most creative pad shaping I’ve ever seen. I won a pad in a giveaway on her page and recently bought another. Very thin pads, even in the heavy and night absorbencies.


The Cloth Canoe


I ordered this stunning custom made pad from this Canadian maker after seeing a cloth nappy she’d made in a similar design. Beautiful stitching, clean lines and good quality materials.




Another American maker, I was impressed with how thin her pads are, even in the heavier absorbencies.



My Little Patch


Beautiful fabrics. This maker does all sorts of wet bags (and other things too) and often collaborates with Dimplemuff (see above) to produce matching pad/wet bag sets.


Noah’s Ark Baby


I bought a large wet bag via Eco Rainbow (see above) and wasn’t disappointed. Big enough to store used pads until wash day.


Sewing Mom Just Accessories Etc (SMJAE)


An American maker so postage is more but she is known for sending freebies with her orders so well worth a look.


I hope this list is helpful. It certainly demonstrates the huge range of shapes and styles available so there’s bound to be something to suit everyone. I’ll add to the list as my stash grows.

If these or any other makers want to send me their products to review, I’ll do so gladly! Email me at

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13 thoughts on “Cloth pad makers

  1. rachellestrauss April 16, 2014 at 22:02 Reply

    Thanks for the comprehensive list. My absolute fave brand have stopped making – they were by Ella’s House and were made of hemp. I’ve not found anything that is anywhere near as good. Do you know of any companies that use hemp? I’ve found the honour your flow ones just don’t get clean with the bamboo or velour fabrics – the hemp were amazing but mine have all worn thin now and I might as well stick a single ply tissue in my cecks for all the good they do…

    • The Pie Patch April 16, 2014 at 22:09 Reply

      Haaa! I haven’t tried any hemp but I’m sure I’ve heard of some that use it. There are a few forums on fb where you can ask stuff like this – Reusable Menstrual Products & Paddicts, The Bloody Waste, Feminine Wear Forum. They’re a helpful bunch.

  2. nessypie April 20, 2014 at 10:11 Reply

    Fab post thanks so much

    • The Pie Patch April 20, 2014 at 10:37 Reply

      You’re very welcome. Thanks for reading!

      • nessypie April 20, 2014 at 13:58

        Thanks I’m amazed my cycle has dropped from five days to three x x

      • The Pie Patch April 20, 2014 at 14:03

        Weird, isn’t it! Only thing is, it means you don’t get to use as many pretties! 😦

      • nessypie April 20, 2014 at 14:07

        Very but makes sense the idea of all the chemicals I wish more people were aware….won’t stop me from buying x

      • The Pie Patch April 20, 2014 at 14:15

        It hasn’t stopped me buying either!

  3. Muff fluff | thepiepatch April 21, 2014 at 12:46 Reply

    […] There are lots and lots of UK makers. Usually work-at-home mums and, in my experience, always really helpful and friendly. I’ve written a whole post listing the brands I’ve used with links to their sites. You can read that here. […]

  4. Tamz May 13, 2014 at 21:46 Reply

    Nice list, Lucy! 🙂 Theres a few on there I am keen on and thanks for mentioning Femme Rouge. I bought a pad from her today!

    • The Pie Patch May 13, 2014 at 23:07 Reply

      The list just keeps on growing!

      • Tamz May 13, 2014 at 23:44

        Would that be down to finger slippage? LOL

      • The Pie Patch May 14, 2014 at 06:42

        Sounds ever so wrong … But, yes.

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