NibNibs: A review and giveaway

We all get a bit snack happy sometimes, don’t we? The munchies? Picky fingers? When we wander into the kitchen and stare into “The Snack Cupboard” (we all have one, yes?) not really knowing what we want? I call it foraging. Apt description, I think. It’s the modern equivalent of searching yonder woods for berries and mushrooms. Sometimes you’re going to return empty handed. Disappointing. But oooh, looky what we have here! SNACKS!


I was sent this bundle of munchy goodness from NibNibs. They are mainly crunchy little mini breadsticks (plus one pot of peanuts) and made right here in the UK. Yorkshire to be precise. I’m always enthusiastic about supporting British brands. I was sent a good range of flavours to try:

Cheddar MiniNibs
Cheddar and onion MiniNibs
Cheddar and chilli MiniNibs
Salt and pepper peanuts.

Four well-packaged tubs, with an inner stay-fresh foil seal and a reusable plastic lid for leftovers (HA! Leftovers?! As if!). This was going to involve some serious snacking that required group participation! So I took the MiniNibs along to my weekly craft group meet-up. There is always a cup of tea on offer and, on this particular occasion, there may have a been a cheeky midweek glass of cava! The perfect social setting to test the product in a realistic context.

Well, there were none left at the end of the evening so that’s a good sign! They were crunchy and nibbly and very moreish. I would’ve liked the plain cheddar ones to have a stronger punch. I like a really tangy extra mature cheddar and these just didn’t have that zing. They tasted quite mild to me and very dry but would perhaps be better with a salsa or dip. The packaging actually suggests eating them with a dip. That said, one of the group totally disagreed and said they had a good cheesy taste.

The cheese and onion ones were a favourite with the whole group, with a sweet, tangy taste. The cheddar and chilli flavour had a lovely heat that crept up on me. Not that horrible tongue-burny spice but a tingly warmth that develops gradually at the back of your throat. Again, a couple of us thought they were quite dry and needed a dip but someone else said they really liked the crumbly texture.

The nuts were delicious, with a little peppery kapow to them. I could also taste a subtle sweetness to them. A quick glance at the ingredients revealed onion powder. I really liked these but was disappointed that, upon emptying the foil bag into the tub, it was only half full. Maybe a healthy portion for one person but not enough to put out for lots of people at a party. Nevertheless they were tasty and we scoffed the lot!


Overall, they were a success but the consensus was, with the festive season approaching, that a larger size of tub is needed in the MiniNibs range because, with a dish of salsa and a few other crudites, they’d make a good addition to a buffet or party nibbles.

The clever bods at NibNibs have arranged a giveaway for one lucky reader to win a selection of their goodies. Yummy yummy in your tummy! Just click the Rafflecopter linky below to enter. Open to UK entrants only. Closes at noon on 12th November 2014.

Click here to enter the NibNibs Rafflecopter giveaway


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a range of free samples in exchange for an honest review.

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