Busy Little Bee review

The Busy Little Bee brand has been around for a little while, stocking children’s clothes and pretty handmade things. But now we have the Queen Bee range of cloth sanitary pads to accompany it. And the lovely Katie sent me this lively little bundle to test and review.


She chose great fabrics! Katie was really hands-on in discussing my requirements with me. It’s clear that she cares about giving customers a personalised service, and takes the time to ensure the end product meets their needs. I told her I like bright vibrant colours and patterns. I also mentioned that I’m not big on pink or “girly” styles. She took that on board and delivered a good range of bold cotton prints.

Here are the specifics:

Campervans: cotton top fabric, 11″ light with a core of microfibre and bamboo fleece

Purple stars: cotton top, 12″ regular with a core of zorb and bamboo fleece

Ladybirds: cotton top, 14″ night with a core of two zorb layers and one of hemp fleece.


A fair few makers use embroidery along the central core now but these cute little bumble bees are perfect for the Busy Little Bee brand. They also act as absorbency markers, the bigger and more numerous the bees, the heavier the absorbency. The design of the pad is brand new, invented by Katie herself. The skill is clearly there and I can see she’s put a lot of work into perfecting her pattern.


I actually had to double check the absorbency of the purple regular pad. I thought it was a heavy flow pad! I wore it on a really busy day. I ended up wearing it for five and a half hours! I was out and about and just didn’t get a chance to go to the loo but it coped well, with no leaks at all. It was also really comfortable and fitted me well. The embroidery wasn’t at all rough (no pube snaggage!). No wedgies to report and no slippage. It washed well too, with no warping or ruching around the embroidery. What more can I ask of a pad?!

For a brand new maker of cloth pads, I was pleasantly surprised. The service I received was friendly and the product exceeded my expectations. Why not wander over to the Busy Little Bee Facebook page for a nosey?


I was not paid for this post. I was sent three pads for the cost of postage in return for an honest review.

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3 thoughts on “Busy Little Bee review

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