Zero Waste Week: EcoEgg review

I’ve been thinking about trying to reduce the amount of chemicals we use as a household, as well as the amount of plastic packaging that accompanies those products.

I have started to switch from liquid soap dispensers (in plastic pump dispensers) to more natural bar soaps (made in small quantities by work-at-home mums). I’m not quite ready to give up my shampoo just yet. And many of the natural bath products I’ve seen are ever so expensive compared with the usual supermarket fare.

So I turned my thoughts towards the kitchen. I do a fair bit of laundry. With two kids and a lot of washable eco products (washable wet wipes, cloth sanitary pads, reusable kitchen roll, washable make-up wipes, wetbags, sandwich wraps, snack bags), I do four or five loads a week. That’s a lot of detergent. Jo at Boobalou sent me an EcoEgg (along with the reusable teabags that I reviewed a few weeks ago).


I’d heard lots about these but had no idea how to use one or how effective it would be, so I was keen to try it. I was sent a fragrance free EcoEgg that lasts for 54 washes. Other eggs are available for 210 or 720 washes, with a choice of fragrances. My first reaction was that there was a lot of cardboard packaging for an eco friendly product! I certainly think this could be reduced massively.


Within the egg casing is a water soluble bag containing white mineral pellets and grey tourmaline pellets. You just put it in the drum with your laundry. Very easy. No measuring. No scooping. No trying to remember which section of the drawer is for the main wash and which is for the softener (although you can use softener as usual, if you wish). It’s a bit clunky going round. I usually put a load on before I go to bed and I could hear it bumping about in the machine. But it didn’t really bother me and you probably get the same of you use one of those plastic ball thingies with regular detergent.

There are no harsh chemicals or bleaches in it but somehow it magically (with voodoo, or witchcraft, or possibly unicorn farts) lifts away dirt. And it does work! I was surprised. I must admit, I think I’d probably prefer a fragranced version. I didn’t use any softener with it. Having clean washing that smells of … nothing … is a bit strange. But maybe that’s something you get used to.

We have to be quite careful about what we put on our toddler’s skin. She’s always suffered with mild eczema, which flares up with certain laundry detergents, bubble baths, sun creams, and other products. So it’s good to know that EcoEggs are supported by the National Eczema Society and have the approval of Allergy UK.

As if that wasn’t enough, I am saving money, washing fewer chemicals out with our waste water, AND EcoEggs are made here in the UK so I am lowering our carbon footprint too.


The egg casing is guaranteed for ten years, which is pretty amazing for any product these days. I wonder how many plastic detergent bottles would be sent to landfill in that time? With an EcoEgg you simply buy the refill pellets as you need them. EcoEggs, refills, and other EcoEgg products are available to buy at Boobalou. So if you’re still undecided on your “one more thing” that you can change for Zero Waste Week, consider switching to an EcoEgg.


UPDATE: I put the EcoEgg to the ultimate test – washing my cloth pads! I used it with a tablespoon of oxy in the prewash bit of the drawer and no fabric softener. And … it worked just as well as my usual non-bio detergent! I needed to use some Ecover stain remover and do an extra rinse on a couple of pads but that’s usually the case with my ordinary routine anyway. Very pleased and impressed with the results.


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a free EcoEgg in exchange for an honest review.

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7 thoughts on “Zero Waste Week: EcoEgg review

  1. Rae Hodgetts September 5, 2014 at 11:13 Reply

    I hadn’t heard of The EcoEgg but might well give a scented one a go. It’ll be interesting to see how it tackles the rugby kits!

    • The Pie Patch September 5, 2014 at 11:53 Reply

      Gosh, yes! That really would be a good test. Let me know if it works for you!

  2. Rachelle Strauss September 5, 2014 at 11:49 Reply

    I think the success of these type of products is dependent on waste softness. We have hard water and even products like Ecover struggle. However, at a friend’s house the washballs she uses (very similar to the eco egg) work brilliantly. I’m a bit miffed! Glad to hear this works well for you though and I agree it’s a great ‘One more Thing’ for people to consider during ZWW 🙂 x

    • The Pie Patch September 5, 2014 at 11:52 Reply

      Ah, that’s a very good point I hadn’t considered. We have very hard water here & I have noticed any problems with the egg yet. I’ll keep you updated though!

  3. Tina Culbertson September 5, 2014 at 21:04 Reply

    I hadn’t heard of these eco eggs before – I always learn something new and useful at The Pie Patch! I sent you an email 🙂

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