From the veg patch: Spuds, glorious spuds!

We finally dug up the spuds yesterday and it was a bumper crop! They started flowering weeks ago but I’d been putting off harvesting until we’d used up the shop-bought potatoes in the fridge. Well we’re at the end of the summer holidays and the fridge is bare, along with the bank account! And this is where growing your own really is worthwhile. Even a couple of potato plants grown in a bucket could help to stretch out the meals through the long week before pay day.

The girls had brilliant, squealing, giggling fun, ankle deep in soil, trowels in their hands, and a colander to keep their treasure. For the toddler, it was a lesson in digging carefully, gently, so as not to damage the delicate skins of the new potatoes. For the older one, it was all fascinating wonderment at finding something in the ground that usually comes in a plastic bag. And here they are…


All washed and gleaming and new. Potatoes! For free! I sorted them by size and bagged them up into family portions. I used today’s ones to make some roasted chips to accompany a herby tomato chicken dish that I made up as I went along.

I simply sliced them and drizzled over some oil and pepper.


Thirty minutes at 200 degrees in the oven, with a jiggle halfway through and they’re done.


I scored bonus thrifty points with the oil too. I had some leftover lemons and whole garlic cloves that were roasted for another dish. I put them in an old airtight coffee jar and covered them with mild olive oil. Et voilà! Lemon and garlic infused oil.


Free potatoes! Thrifty oil! What’s not to love? And now that the potato plants are gone, I’m hoping our tomatoes will get a bit more sunshine and ripen more quickly.

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4 thoughts on “From the veg patch: Spuds, glorious spuds!

  1. pambracewell August 26, 2014 at 12:49 Reply

    Awsome, bet they tasted like nothing else eh! We have our second crop of new potatoes growing in large buckets, our aim is to be able to say we are eating our own new potatoes on christmas day. 🙂

    • The Pie Patch August 26, 2014 at 13:36 Reply

      That would be extra special! We have some onions coming along very slowly. Might be Christmas before they’re ready!

  2. tinabakesbread August 26, 2014 at 17:32 Reply

    How long did it take the potatoes to grow enough for harvest? Ours died right off – must be the extreme heat. Love the idea of the lemon and garlic oil. You deserve a prize for being so thrifty!

    • The Pie Patch August 26, 2014 at 17:38 Reply

      We were quite late planting them, so probably only 6-8 weeks ago. We’ve been really lucky this year to have the perfect mix of hot sunshine & overnight downpours. And we were careful to keep the soil piled up over them once the plants sprouted.

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