Lucy’s List – August (week 2)

Well, it looks as though summer has left us already! I was hoping for a few more weeks of sunshine, if only to turn my tomatoes red, but we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather this year. Long hot days, followed by awesome thunder storms.

Last night I camped out in the back garden with my eldest. We do it every year. We never manage to go away anywhere so this is the next best thing. For Lily it’s a real adventure and she loves it. For me? Well, I get to see her enjoyment and try to ignore my poor creaking bones the following day. I must be getting old!


She’s laughing and pulling a funny face here. She gets to stay up late. We take a flask of hot tea and some snacks for a midnight 9pm feast. All snuggled up with blankets, a disco lamp and a DVD. Perfect! And the best bit? It’s The Husband’s turn to do it tonight!

MONDAY: lasagne and salad

TUESDAY: cheese and ham ploughman’s


WEDNESDAY: breaded fish, mash, mixed veg and parsley sauce

THURSDAY: chicken pie, boiled spuds and peas

FRIDAY: pea and mint soup with bacon butties


SUNDAY: my mum’s Sunday lunch!

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