From the veg patch: Apple crumble

We’ve had a really good crop of apples from our little tree. They ripened earlier than in the previous two years, which I guess is a sign of the good summer we’ve had so far.

The fruit bowl was already full of shop-bought apples but we had to pick them because the wasps had been at them and some were starting to drop. So we made crumble!

Everyone knows how to make a crumble, don’t they? It’s just one of those easy puds that’s cheap and takes minimal preparation. We had enough apples to make two – one for eating and one for the freezer. I’ll give you my recipe anyway, although I’m sure you all have your own methods already. My quantities are a bit haphazard. I tend to do it by look and feel. How do you make yours? Do you have a secret ingredient?



7 large apples
Good sprinkling of caster sugar
Light dusting of cinnamon
Splash of lemon juice

300g flour
200g butter
175g demerara sugar
Handful of oats



The most tedious part of this recipe is peeling and coring the apples. Be sensible and get someone else to do it.


Roughly dice the apples and spread them out in the base of your baking dish. Some people suggest greasing the dish but I never do and don’t have any problems with it sticking.

Sprinkle liberally with lemon juice, cinnamon and caster sugar. The lemon juice stops the apple going brown. Give it a good stir so the apple is well coated.


Now the topping. Basically just chuck it all into a bowl and rub together with your fingers until it forms a breadcrumb consistency. If it’s too wet or sticky, add a touch more flour or oats until you’re happy with it.


If you can stand the messy hands, it’s quite therapeutic getting stuck in. If not, get someone else to do it. Look! See? He enjoys it!


Spread the mixture on top of the apples. If you’re making it for later, you can clingfilm the dish now and freeze it. It’ll take about an hour to bake from frozen, or 40 minutes from fresh, at 200 degrees.


There’s nothing quite like homemade crumble with custard. Or cream. Or ice cream. Or all of those. And the best thing about this one? Apples from the garden and standard ingredients we always have in the cupboard? It didn’t cost us a penny!

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3 thoughts on “From the veg patch: Apple crumble

  1. Maggie August 14, 2014 at 22:19 Reply

    Loads of blackberries about already as well. I made a creamy, yogurty blackberry swirl with a puree as Dave doesn’t like the hairy, seedy bits! I agree with you about adding oats to the mix Lucy but don’t normally add cinnamon to the fruit so will try that next time, Thanks.

    • The Pie Patch August 15, 2014 at 09:02 Reply

      We’ve got some wild blackberries growing near us. Lily eats a handful every time we walk to the bus stop. Gotta love free fruit, especially when a supermarket punnet is so expensive!

  2. Ups and downs « Minkyweasel World September 3, 2014 at 07:02 Reply

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