Lucy’s List – August (week 1)

The girls have gone out with my parents for the day so I finally have some quiet, uninterrupted time to blog. I must admit, I’m struggling a bit to catch up on things at the moment. It’s the summer holidays and having two extra people at home means I can’t spend as much time on my phone or laptop. So I haven’t been posting quite as often as usual. Even my cooking and hooking time is somewhat diminished.

We’ve had some fun days out so far and a lot of lazy days at home, playing in the garden and doing crafty bits and bobs. I don’t miss the school run one bit but I do miss the routine, my tidy house and having my own space. But we’ve been so busy, the time is flying by and I know I’ll feel sad when September creeps around and we’re all back to the daily grind.

So for now I’ll blog when I can but the rest of the time, I’ll be enjoying spending time with my husband and babies.



MONDAY: gammon, pineapple, fried egg and potato waffles

TUESDAY: broccoli and gruyere quiche, new potatoes and salad

WEDNESDAY: breaded chicken bagels

THURSDAY: spaghetti bolognese

FRIDAY: cheesy broccoli, cauliflower and pasta bake with garlic bread

SATURDAY: lemon chicken tray bake

SUNDAY: BBQ (chicken drumsticks, sausages, beefburgers, coleslaw and salad)

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2 thoughts on “Lucy’s List – August (week 1)

  1. tinabakesbread August 9, 2014 at 12:29 Reply

    Wonderful photo of you and your girls. Here you are starting summer holidays and here in Florida the children are going back to school on Monday. Parents look harried and elated, children look like they are heading to the dentist. Haha

    Love your list this week, great meals as always.

    • The Pie Patch August 9, 2014 at 12:44 Reply

      Thank you. We’re about halfway through the summer hols in the UK now, although they go back much earlier in Scotland. We’ll keep working our way through our list of fun things to do.

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