I mentioned Doodlestop recently in my round-up of stitch markers. You can read that here.

I had a little coupon for Doodlestop that came with some yarn I bought so thought I’d contact Becky about placing an order.

I’ve been after some numbered markers for a while so I bought a set of these:


I have a fair few blankets and shawls that are long-term projects and when I eventually come back to them, I’ve forgotten which hook I was using. These solve the problem and look gorgeous. They’re also heavy. In a normal stitch marker this would be a problem but when it’s a piece of work that’s sitting in the bottom of a bag or box for a while smaller, lighter markers can sometimes get pulled through and unravelled anyway. These are larger and heavier, so far more likely to stay put.

Turns out she sells a lot more than stitch markers. I may have had a bit of a splurge!


Stitch markers, a cute storage box, little thread snippers, a micro skein of yarn and a voucher for Unbelievawool and … hang on! … “What’s that at the back?”, I hear you say. Oh my goodness. THAT, my friends, is my Doodlestop yarn buddy. I shall show you.

It starts like this…


Decorated by Becky with pretty découpage. Then it looks like this…


IT’S AMAZING! The découpage bit sits on a swivelling ballbearing mechanism. Your yarn unravels smoothly as you work. No yanking, no tangling, no chasing a rogue ball of wool around the floor. No more yarn rage! Genius.

I’ve wanted a yarn bowl for ages but didn’t bother because I figured, with a house full of rampaging kids, an ornate china bowl wouldn’t stand a chance. This is far less delicate. The colourful stopper on the top stops the small people poking their eyes on it. And it can be dismantled and packed away when it’s not in use. It truly is my yarn buddy. It’s brilliant.

As well as all that, Doodlestop sells gorgeous crochet starter kits.


These are a great gift idea (dare I mention ‘the big C’ in the middle of summer? But Christmas IS just around the corner, you know…). They contain a fancy Fleabubs hook, Doodlestop stitch markers with gift box, a darning needle, thread snippers, a ball of yarn and a little cotton bag to keep it all in. Everything you need to get started.

And, oh look! Here’s an exclusive offer for readers of The Pie Patch to use at Doodlestop. Use the code “PiePatch” to claim a free stitch marker on all orders over £5. Lucky you!

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