Piggie Cloth: A review

I noticed this new maker spring up from nowhere. There was a real buzz about her and Piggie Cloth was being mentioned on a few of the online forums. I was intrigued.

I was a bit cheeky and approached Cara about the possibility of reviewing one of her pads. This is not something I do very often. It’s not terribly British is it, so I always feel ever so apologetic and a bit awkward about it.

But I had a good feeling about these pads and Cara was a delight to work with. She was also taken by surprise at how quickly her fledgling venture had taken off. She was excited and a bit overwhelmed by how well she’d been received. And I was equally surprised when not one but a whole bundle of pads arrived!


Here’s the science bit:

Liner/light – nine inches; cotton topped; fleeced backed; core is two layers of cotton flannel

Day pad – 12 inches; cotton topped; fleece backed; core is one layer of bamboo fleece, one of zorb

Night pad – 14 inches; cotton topped with absorbency stitching; fleece backed; core is two layers of bamboo fleece, one of zorb.

These are just the samples that were sent to me. Cara offers a range of lengths and absorbencies tailored to your needs.

It’s clear why they’ve become so popular. These aren’t the thinnest of pads but they are super comfy. And very well made too.

I wore the day pad for four and a half hours, and the night pad for nine hours with no leaks from either of them. I wish I’d taken them time to pre-wash the 12-inch pad though, as I did have some spreadage (is that a word?!) into the wings. It didn’t actually leak onto my knick-knocks but soaked into the wing fabric. It’s my own fault for being lazy. A warning for you all – prep your pads! The extra snaps came as standard and ensured a good fit, so I didn’t find them going for a wander around my pants.

I particularly like the shape of the day pad, with the flat front and rounded back. It also has gorgeous sparkly thread used around the edge, which is a cute touch and matched well with the pretty butterfly print.


The night pad shrank ever so slightly after washing to 13.75 inches but this is very normal. The other two pads didn’t shrink at all though.

I did have some staining issues with the two lighter fabrics but a second wash with Ecover stain remover and an afternoon in the sunshine and they’ve faded significantly.

My absolute favourite is the light pad. A totally different shape to the others, it’s all angles and squared-off ends. It contains two layers of cotton flannel so could withstand a light flow but I’ve been wearing it as a liner. And I’ve worn it lots. I have a real problem finding liners that don’t get wedged up my (ample) bum. Considering this is only nine inches (fairly short for me), it works brilliantly. Proper “forget you’re wearing it” comfy. No wedgie. No movement. Super duper. And I LOVE the fabric, especially the metallic splashes. It’s been washed loads now and is fairing well.


If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth checking out Piggie Cloth on Facebook. Great prices, well made, and fantastic customer service from Cara. Highly recommended.


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a free set of pads in exchange for my honest review.

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