Lucy’s List – July (week 3)

I’ve been flat-out busy working on a little crochet project for someone. I’m itching to show you all but it’s a secret for now.

We’ve also had a poorly cat and an expensive vet’s bill to take care of. He’s nearly 10 years old so he’s knocking on a bit but thankfully CrapCat™ lives to fight another day.


Anyway in between all the drama, there’s been a bit of cooking…

MONDAY: lamb chops, garlic and rosemary mini roast spuds, runner beans and mint sauce


TUESDAY: mega sausage roll, boiled potatoes and peas

WEDNESDAY: salt and pepper squid, stir-fried veg and rice, with sweet chilli dipping sauce

THURSDAY: honey and mustard pork steaks (recipe for my marinade is here), new potatoes and green beans

FRIDAY: jackets stuffed with tuna, cheese and pineapple with salad

SATURDAY: hot dogs, potato wedges, coleslaw and corn on the cob

SUNDAY: slow roasted brisket, spuds, cabbage and gravy

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