Aunt Flo’s Fluff: A review

This week I have a review for you of a night pad from Aunt Flo’s Fluff. The maker, Coral, was really hands-on in asking for my preferences before sending out a sample for me to try. And here it is!


I really like the simple design of this pad. Clean, straight lines; neat little wings; a single, clear popper. It looks tidy.

This particular pad is a 14-inch night pad. It shrunk very slightly to 13.5″ after washing but this is very common and pretty much expected of most types of cloth pad. It has a cotton top and a fairly thick polar fleece backing. The inner core is made up of two layers of zorb and one layer of hemp fleece. It’s not the thinnest of pads but it sure is absorbent! I think I’ve mentioned before that I quite like feeling a bit of extra padding at night; it’s super cosy and reassures me that I am suitably equipped!


I had a couple of concerns about the design of this pad before I tried it. The first was the lack of flare at the ends. I was slightly worried I might leak off the sides overnight. The second worry was that the longer length but smaller wings might not provide enough anchorage, causing the pad to shift sideways in my pants. Both of my worries were completely unfounded – HURRAH!

I wore the pad for eight and a half hours overnight, so it had a good run. I think because the wings are short (as well as small), they nip the pad fairly snugly in the middle, meaning it doesn’t slip backwards or sideways or any-which-ways at all.

Coral explained to me that the layer of hemp fleece in the core helps to prevent compression leaks, so despite not having a flared end, and despite me tossing and turning all night, everything was sucked straight into the core very quickly. So there was no side leakage or surface run-off.


It also washed very well. I read on one of the online forums that pale blue cotton fabrics are the worst offenders for staining. I can’t say that is true of my cute turquoise cupcake fabric. I had no stains at all.

All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by this pad. It did everything it was supposed to do and the problems that I thought might occur … didn’t!

So pop over to Aunt Flo’s Fluff on Facebook or Etsy and say “hello” to Coral. She currently has a couple of offers running. You can claim a 20% discount on all orders over £10, using the code ‘NEWCUSTOMER1’. And, as if that wasn’t enough, you will get a free pantyliner when you order a regular, heavy or night pad. Brilliant offers!


I was not paid for this post. I was sent a free pad in exchange for an honest review.

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