Lucy’s List – July (week 1)

I’m a bit late catching up with my meal planning this month. I’ve just been so busy with one thing and another. I only managed to get to the butcher yesterday. As usual I left my list with him and went to do my other errands around town, planning to go back later to pay.

Then my toddler decided to puke everywhere in the middle of Tesco so I had to abandon everything in favour of a (very tense) bus ride home.

But that’s the beauty of getting to know your local butcher. I gave him a ring when I got home and he said it wasn’t a problem, he’d deliver it that evening and I could pay on the doorstep. That is excellent customer service. So for £49.50 (and free delivery) I got:

1lb sausagemeat
3 x chicken breasts
8 x sausages
8 x rashers of bacon
6 x lamb chops
1lb minced lamb
3lb boneless beef brisket joint
6 x pork loin steaks
3 x ribeye steaks.

So what are we eating this week? Here’s my meal plan:

MONDAY: salmon fish pie and broccoli


TUESDAY: beef and mushroom stew


WEDNESDAY: broccoli and gruyere quiche with salad

THURSDAY: roasted squash stuffed with mushrooms, feta and couscous

FRIDAY: bacon and onion roly poly, mash and runner beans

SATURDAY: beefburgers in buns and parsnip chips

SUNDAY: lemon chicken tray bake.

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2 thoughts on “Lucy’s List – July (week 1)

  1. Heather Haigh July 9, 2014 at 10:45 Reply

    I do like reading people’s meal plans, especially when I’m going to go food shopping and looking for inspiration. Just added fish pie ingredients to my list. Thanks!

    • The Pie Patch July 9, 2014 at 10:55 Reply

      Glad to have helped. And I do exactly the same to find my inspiration! Thanks for reading.

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