Little adventures with Barny

We were given some free samples of Barny at last year’s Lollibop festival. They’re a really cute little sponge cake with several flavours of filling.

We had the most perfect family day ever – dancing along to Rastamouse…


… making new discoveries in the National Geographic tent…


We even met none other than Barny himself!


My tired, happy, grubby babies ate the Barny bear sponges at the train station. A little energy boost for the journey home after a magical adventure.

So when I was asked to review the strawberry and chocolate flavours for The Pie Patch, it was a no-brainer because they already evoke such happy memories for us.

Thankfully they arrived while the kids were out so I took a quick photo before they were nabbed!


Do you know what I really like about Barny? The total lack of gendered marketing. The packs show Barny (he’s an adventurous bear character) doing all sorts of exciting stuff – hunting for bugs, camping, skateboarding, playing football. Usually stuff like this is heavily marketed towards boys. There’s no “pink” alternative to this. There’s no “girls'” version featuring a female bear with fluttering eyelashes, baking in the kitchen or stroking a puppy. This pleases me greatly.

Anyway, as soon as my girls clapped eyes on them the box was opened. I tried explaining that we had to save them because they are perfect for taking out and about as a snack. But, no. Their natural curiosity meant that poor old Barny never made it outside of the kitchen! They demanded an impromptu countertop picnic, with popcorn, fresh strawberries, and their little cakey bears.


My eldest has very strict rules at school about lunchboxes. The school has a really good policy on healty eating, with a total ban on sweets and chocolate within school grounds. On Fridays, she is allowed a little cake or biscuit in her lunchbox as a treat. Barny snacks are individually wrapped and fit perfectly in her lunchbox. And they contain no artficial colours or preservatives, which is nice to know.

So why not take Barny along next time your little ones are off on their own little adventure?


I was not paid for this post. I was sent some free Barny snacks for review purposes.

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2 thoughts on “Little adventures with Barny

  1. We first found Barny in Spain a couple of years ago, was delighted when I can across them in our local Tesco!

    • The Pie Patch July 8, 2014 at 21:17 Reply

      They’re so handy to have around, eh! Thanks for reading. 😊

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