The veg patch: Progress report

Things are coming along nicely. I planted some potatoes with the toddler this week so thought I’d take some photos while my mind was on the job.

We have had a couple of casualties. The strawberry plants died a death. I think I probably didn’t water them enough. Within a week, they went from having a couple of tiny green berries, to brown and dead.


I’m starting to think our terracotta ‘strawberry planter’ is actually more of a hindrance. Since buying it, we haven’t had a single decent crop. We used to get lots of fruit when we grew them in pots or in the ground.

Our onions have sprouted above ground so I’ll keep my eye on those but there’s no sign of the carrots or pumpkins we planted. I fear the slugs may have got them.

Thankfully everything else is blooming. Our tomato plants aren’t very tall but they are flowering already. I’ve been careful this year to pinch out any extra leaves that appear in between the main stems. This helps the plants to focus all their energy on growing tomatoes, instead of getting too leafy.


We already have a good crop of broad beans growing too. These seem to have appeared from nowhere. One minute they were flowering, the next there are fully grown pods everywhere!


I picked a little handful and they found their way into my lentil beany cottage pie.


The kids are most excited about the blackcurrant bushes. They are bursting with berries.


Last year was their first proper year and we were delighted to have a small handful of fruit from them. This year is incredible! Can’t wait to tell the girls they’re ready to pick.

And finally, the apple tree. We haven’t yet exprienced the dreaded ‘June drop’, as my Grandma calls it. The branches are heavy with baby apples.


I know you’re meant to weed out the smaller ones so that the healthier ones can grow bigger (Mr Bloom told me so). But I’m far too maternal for my own good and haven’t the heart to destroy perfectly good fruit so I leave them all to take their chances. And the girls prefer smaller apples anyway.

We’ve been using the water butt and whatever is left in the paddling pool to water it all, now that the weather is getting hotter. Hopefully we’ll have enough rain not to keep it topped up so we don’t run out!

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2 thoughts on “The veg patch: Progress report

  1. tinabakesbread July 1, 2014 at 16:28 Reply

    You are having great success. Our strawberries produced early in the season but they are doing what yours are now – little berries that don’t ripen. Going to rip them up. We have different climate from you (it’s horribly hot in North Florida) so we are at a standstill until fall now.

    Love the beans and apples! So jealous! Gardening is a wonderful thing to do with your children. Go Lucy!

    • The Pie Patch July 1, 2014 at 16:30 Reply

      Thank you. Good to know I’m not the only one whose strawberries are dying! Will try again next year. I’ve just done a bit of weeding & noticed the potatoes are starting to sprout!

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