The new Eco Flare pad from Eco Rainbow

I think I’ve mentioned before that my very first ever cloth pads were from Bex at Eco Rainbow. That was nearly a year ago. My first paddiversary is in July and I can honestly say that ditching disposables and switching to cloth sanitary pads (CSPs) has been a life-changing decision.

Bex was instrumental in that decision because I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help me navigate those early days, when the choices seem bewildering. She was really patient, explaining the different fabrics and absorbencies and shapes. And it was that first order of pads in all their soft, colourful, fluffy glory that confirmed without a doubt that I’d made the right decision.

Anyway, fast forward a year and Bex has continued to develop her range. She now offers the ‘Eco Flare’.


As the name suggests, it has a flare at the back. It’s very similar in shape to the 14-inch lite in the Eco Rainbow original range. The difference being that the Flare is slightly thinner and available in all lengths and absorbencies.


I was sent a pad to test. I stuck with the 14-inch length, which suits me best for coverage. Bex chose a gorgeous batik print cotton, which is right up my street and it was lovely to see the new addition of some pretty stitching, which secures the absorbent core inside the pad.


Another new feature is the absorbency marker. The wing of my pad has two lines stitched onto it:


This denotes that my pad is for moderate or regular flow. A single line denotes light flow, three lines for heavy. I wore my regular pad on the third day of my period for four hours, including a busy school run, a short bus ride and an uphill walk back from the post office. It’s so thin I barely noticed I was wearing it. Really, really, comfy. I changed at lunchtime and had no leaks at all.

The double snaps are a great detail, particularly for a longer pad. Sometimes a longer pad with a single popper can swivel a bit in my pants, so any flare ends up off to one side and not doing its job properly! The double snap helps to prevent this and keeps the flare central, where it should be. If you’re more prone to front bleeding, you could wear the pad with the flare at the front.

The used pad was stored in a closed wet bag and washed four days later at the end of my period. It washed well, with no stains. The fabric did crinkle up quite a lot but I’ve found that the cotton batik prints I have from other makers are the same. It just seems to be the nature of that particular type of cotton. And there’s nothing to stop you ironing the top of the pad, if it bothers you. Just don’t iron anything with PUL inside!

I still love my Eco Rainbow pads and this was always the best shape for me out of her range. The original pads and the Eco Flare range are available to buy on the Eco Rainbow website and you can also contact Bex via her Facebook page. Everyone needs a couple of Eco Rainbow pads in their stash!

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3 thoughts on “The new Eco Flare pad from Eco Rainbow

  1. Vicky Owen June 26, 2014 at 11:05 Reply

    Good to know the flares can be used just as easily for extra coverage at the front. I thought I was slightly strange because I always need to wear mine back to front!

  2. Vicky Owen June 26, 2014 at 11:06 Reply

    Also never knew that the lines next to the snap are to indicate absorbancy…

    • The Pie Patch June 26, 2014 at 12:03 Reply

      Happy to help! 😊 Lots of people are front-bleeders. Not at all unusual. The absorbent core usually runs the length of the pad so no reason why you can’t wear it back-to-front.

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